Prox's Rand'n'Mix Mod

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This mod adds 125 different things which do different and unique things


Made by proxwarrior33 made with Mcreator


Take a look at my mod and tell me in the comments which is your favourite object



Heres a example of what it adds

  1. Autominer which mines anyblock inc bedrock but is perfect for cobblestone generators
  2. Ender's Wrath wait and seen but first place moss cobblestone in the middle portal frames in the corner and endstone on the each side then place the enders wrath on top and see what happens
  3. Summoning block place moss cobblestone in the corners and one in the middle then put gravel each side and put the summoning block on top and u got a giant spawned
  4. egg hatcher place the egg hatcher on top of obsidian and then place a dragon egg on top and you get an ender dragon spawned
  5. Spooky light lights up and area but can switch itself off with a noise too
  6. Random TNT spawns a explosion/s anywhere in a big radius but small explosion
  7. TNT/Explosion spawner spawns mini explosions randomly like a mob spawner
  8. Spikes damages mobs but dont go in yourself the player takes damage too
  9. Ropes and Chains to build cranes and winches or holders
  10. Proper Pillars to build and others decoration blocks too 
  11. mob spawners for farming too

Place the summoning block herePlace the Summoning block here
Place the Enders wrath herePlace the enders wrath here

Place the Dragon Egg herePlace The Dragon egg on here on top of the egg hatcher

Place the summoning block herePlace the summoning block on here to summon the cruelonimbus (place summon block on top of lava not in the lava)

This is the cruelonimbusThis is the cruelonimbus much bigger in game

Summon this to call in allies four redstone drones shown next to itSummons 4 redstone drones (place summon block on top of lava not in the lava)


This is to summon the collossusPlace summoning block on top of the water (not in) to summon the collossus 



The Mobs and their stats mobs in this mod with their stats enjoy


Transformed structures for example 

Transformed Witch hut


Transformed Boat


Transformed Ballista



Feel free to download my mod and enjoy

Modification files - made a couple of changes845.55 KB - old (file)845.54 KB - Needs the mod to use this map314.53 KB

Added 10 mobs (2 bosses can be summoned) made a few changes enjoy


Added 5 more mobs and more blocks enjoy


Added pictures of transformation


Added A Map for the mod


This mod is so big! I think taht it deserves a more explained and clear description

Im adding support for this mod to the More Trophies Mod

anyone can feel free to do a mod review check out the mobs too this is also useful in survival