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                                           Food Expansion

Food expansion is a mod that adds more food in Minecraft ! 

This mod was created by LucasGames19140. The mod is in 1.12.2 (Minecraft Version). This mod is in constant development ! Adding each update will be added in the changelog !


Bacon and Fried Bacon


Carrot Tart

Carrot tart

Chocolate Bar


Jelly Cake

Green Jelly

Carrot Soup

Carrot soup

Cooked Mushroom

Cooked Mushroom

Fried Egg

Fried egg


Modification files
Food Expansion.jar - Food Expansion (V 0.0.2)Uploaded on: 07/29/2018 - 16:42   File size: 87.01 KB

Hello everyone thank you for your comment and sorry for my absence mod will be updated to 1.12.2 by adding everything you asked me! ^^

Nice mod :)
I like the textures and the fact that, unlike most food mods, it doesn't add random food

looks generic, but i like the idea of the cooked mushroom and fried egg. i also really like the carrot tart and jelly cake. maybe improve the texture shading?