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this mod adds the orange diamond ore, with which you can make orange tools an armor.
this mod makes greater use of emeralds as well, you can make emerald tools now. there also is the emerald flower which gives you an emerald shard when destroyed.
there is a OMG ore which contains a omGem, when you make a sword with this it does 100 demage but it breaks after one hit.
and last but not least we have the magic ore, when mined it gives you rainbow glass. but when mined with a ceretain pickaxe it gives you a magic mirror, with lets you see trough walls to easely find caves (if you have a long render distance this makes the game freeze every so often.)


there are two new dimensions, one is entered trough a frame of polished brown rock and the other with the OMGblock, you trigger them using the Ore-seeing eye and the holy gem. there are fully functional saplings fore the newly added ore-woods as well9i would not recomand making in mcreator, way to much addblock events to handle if you dont have 3 hous of free time)

-note that some new tool are in the wrong tab-

i am pretty proud of this mod and i hope you all enjoy it.

Modification files
ore mod.jar - the first version173.18 KB
Ore-ange 1.10.3 (mc 1.12.2) - orewoods update.jar - a lot of time has passed until i got a stable mod again, lots of stuff have been added, including two all new dimensions433.34 KB

1.0.0 omg ore was added

1.0.1 omg sword was made stronger

1.10.3 two dimensions added and a full OMG toolset

im implementing a new biome, but the custom grass blocks dont allow plants to stand on it. untill this problem is fixed i cant update my game