War and Protection

Published by HappleMan on Fri, 02/23/2018 - 16:46
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 Need to fight off those skeletons? Or maybe just protect yourself from those nasty creepers. Either way, the war and protection mod includes a range of casual house building blocks such as bricks and stone and makes them stronger. How? Titanium, of course! Titanium is found at levels 10 to 100. It is really rare, ranging at about 2 per chunk! Titanium can be crafted into armor and tools, as well as protect houses. When you make your blocks stronger, you make them immune to TNT and creepers. That's stronger than obsidian! For war, we added guns! And, if you like to fight fire with fire, we added dynamite. Guns are rapid fire. They require bullets, which can be crafted with iron and redstone dust. 9 dynamite is crafted with 1 block of TNT. Rainbow colored dynamite are available in creative. Yeah, its a lot.

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