Mushroom Adventure

Published by Voidaloz on Fri, 03/16/2018 - 19:48
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 Mushroom Adventure!!!!


Hi everyone i am here to show you the Mushroom Adventure Mod!!! Let's begin!

Mushroom Adventure is a Mod where you can use mushroom to do all the vanilla featurse with many add you will discover in your adventure. You can do Mushroom Stuff, house, a new crafting system with a upgradable altar and other thing that will be added all over the time with probably 1 uptade per week now i have finishe but remember that is a beta so if you have bug you can report these, thanks.


The Mod will give a new utility to the mushroom and give to the player the oportunity to live a great adventure in the Mushroom World!!



!!Its Not because i do this mod with MCreator that it will not be a good mod, by the many update this mod will became a big mod!!

Modification files
Mushroom Adventure 0.0.3.jar - Mushroom Adventure | 0.0.3 [Ender Update]132.89 KB



-1 New Altar Section

-1 New tool

-1 New upgrader

-1 New Fluid

-1 New Ingot

-1 New Food