My world (Pré-Alpha) : big update soon !

Submitted by Vengeur100 on Sat, 03/17/2018 - 22:14
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Welcome to My world (Pre-alpha)!

Big update soon!

add village in the nether

add village in the end

new pnj

new trade posible

2 new boss

new dungeon in the nether and end

new pet

new ore

new armor and sword

and more !




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hi the company my world is coming back for a little update that will be able to base the Halloween party that will be done for the first part of the update I made a biome where he will find a mini ghost boss who will be the night and day and the reward will be 64 diamond block

New! I recruit people who can help me develop the mod in the form of application Here to contact me:
Thank you all and see you soon for a new update! :)


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