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This mod is based on the control of the "elements", which will allow the player to develop various weapons, armor and tools.
The elements that this mod adds are "fire, water, air, rock, plant, light, ice, darkness, electricity and technopathy.
which are manifested in the form of gems that will be generated by the world, said gems will be used for the manufacture of everything that is implemented in this mod.
not to mention that this mod adds 13 new mobs, of which 9 are pacific and 4 are aggressive only with the played, with the fact that two of the aforementioned are bosses.

that mod has a lot of content that would make it easier for the player, the survival mode, but it has its bad side, and that is that gems are generated very rarely and sparingly (even more than the diamond) so the challenge for the player is ingeniarcelas to get all the gems and beat the bosses, who are scattered by all dimensions. and not to mention that the mod adds nothing more and nothing less than 11 new dimensions, which are "solarix, Andros, gardenix, tornadis, pyros, obsidian, zenith, lumina, gelidon, petra and mayix" which the player must explore for find the bosses.


This update of the mod brings even more blocks, minerals and implements 11 new bosses, one for each dimension of the mod, and each drops a new item that will be given a utility in future updates. Apart from all this, 15 advancements were added to the game, (possibly added more in future updates).

Items added:
-implementation of 11 new bosses
-Innovation of achievements
-new items
-implementation of weapons launches projectiles
-Incomplementation of throwable items
-inclusion of coal-ores
-implementation of essences
-new blocks
-implemetation of the bricks




this update implements two new minerals, are the smoky quartz and padparadscha, which have the same functions as the rest of the mod's ores, create armor and weapons.
another thing that adds this update are 4 new mobs, two of them pacificos, and the other two are bosses that appear in the new dimensions added.

Items added:
-smoky quartz added
-padparadscha added
-mob daphne added
-mob selena added
-biome shacrazad added
-biome shatkana added
-shacrazad added dimension
-shatkana added dimension
-new achievements
-new weapons
-new armor
-new blocks
-new prayers


update that simply add a few things:

Items added:
-implementation of the chaos dimension
-block of chaos added
- stone of chaos added
-Crystal of chaos added
- Added chaos rule

easter egg:
-Herobrine implemented?


Items added:
 -elixires added
-herbs added
-added seeds
-implementation of new foods through the use of the seeds previously said
-implementation of new decorative blocks
-implementation of new plants
-implementation of new fuel
-Fuel function added to coal minerals


-implementation of a new dimension the "Corrupted world"
-implementation of 6 new mobs (corrupt zombie, Corrupted creeper, corrupt ghast, corrupt spider, corrupt silverfish, corrupt villager) who will appear in the newly implemented dimension
-new corrupt steel ore
-new weapons. sword of destruction and staff of distortion
-Implementation of new gems that will appear in the 12 dimensions added in the previous versions of the mod ecept the corrupt world.
-new design of the activators of the portals


-implementation of 12 new fluids that will appear in the dimensions that are in the mod
-implementation of a new gem that joins the concept of the elements (malachite ore)
- implementation of malachite tools
-implementation of the biome of berilix (with the same complements that the other biomes and minerals of the mod had)
-Dimension of Berilix
-or jade that will appear in the dimension of Berilix
-Implementation of power totems (they are created from a totem of non-death and four main gems)


-implementation of 14 new crops
-implementation of the mortar
-implementation of the elixirs (a glass bottle and mortar are created with one of the new berries)
-implementation of blank parchment
-implementation of invocation scrolls (right clicking on an altar invoking its corresponding boss)
-Implementation of 14 new lamps (with 1 glowstone block and four essences
-implementation of small hammers
-implementation of the function to rotate the wooden trunks that the mod adds
-added the ore of omeganite
- added omeganite gem
-Added delta steel ingot
- added delta steel ore
-implementation of the ultra armor (created from one piece of armor, four blocks of the corresponding mineral and four gems of omeganite)


-implementation of runes and branches
-implementation of the eclipsed armor (too powerful)
-implementation of the eclipsed sword

this friends of mine is a gift for all of you to entertain in a good way this year 2019 to come ...
and as I said before I will wait for forge for the 1.13 and eventually the version of mcreator for 1.13 so have fun ...

Modification files
Mayix mod_1.7.10.jarUploaded on: 08/08/2018 - 20:17   File size: 1.41 MB

the mod has already implemented everything essential to make it work, but my intention is to add even more content for the enjoyment of the player, so I will try to update it constantly

Hello everyone, sorry for leaving this project for so long ... I am now looking to resume it ... and give you something worthy of this community. I want to start asap with that ...