BMOD Reborn: Quality of Life

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BMOD V2.0.1 is now available for Minecraft 1.12.2

For fans of the original BMOD for Minecraft 1.6.4, this will be a real treat.

Instructions on downloading for Windows:

  1. Install Forge for Minecraft 1.12.2.
  2. Search your computer for %appdata% and locate the .minecraft folder.
  3. Navigate to your mods folder and put right in there.

All the new stuff:

-Eggs can be cooked now.

-Compasses now provides your X and Y coordinates, which should help people who get lost easily. (Like me!)

-Six new armor sets: Wood, Cactus, Copper, Tin, Bronze, and Steel.

-Depth Meter, a new tool made with Bronze and Redstone Dust, provides your current Y-coordinate for mining and slime-hunting purposes.

-Soul Sand can now be smelted into Soul Glass.

-The Soul Glass has a mysterious property when crafted into a hand mirror..

-Throwable dynamite sticks can now be crafted, using either TNT or a combination of string, gunpowder, and sand.

-Fossil ore now generates in worlds, dropping bones when mined.

-You can make bricks out of dirt. Brown bricks in minecrap.

-Sandwiches and Apple Pie is now in the game. Yum-yum.

-Six new machines with each of their own unique function.

-Stackable potions are somewhere in here.

-Combine Copper Ingots and Tin Dust to form a new Bronze alloy, even more durable than Iron.

-Refine Iron Ore with Coal to create a durable Steel alloy; Steel is only second to Diamond. if you're a visual learner


Modification files - BMOD v2.0.1900.35 KB


  • Copper no longer makes wood sounds when hit.


  • Mod is finished with all final contents.

Good, but you know, the Depth Meter and the Compass are useless: just press F3 to get your coordinates.