Glitched Out

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Mcreator keeps on crashing when I go to the workspace and edit stuff. I might not continue this. ;__;

The Storm Catcher will brake your game, do not hold it!(While it is raining)


Hi and welcome to my first mod!

I wrote this before but it got deleted so I am gonna try to do this short.

This is a weird but cool tech based mod with utilities to help you with hardcore starting mods. 

This mod adds a variety of different items(With custom / animated textures). 

Please leave a complaint below for any bugs or anything wrong that you want added/buffed/nerfed/changed. This is a completely weird mod but it is very fun to play around with. I would recommend JEI for my mod because of the complicated recipes. (includes a machine with a custom GUI setup).

Please be honest when commenting.

No outside programs used, only Mcreator.

A thank you to Mcreator -

Hi! I just want to thank you for being such an amazing program/whatever/application and I really enjoy making mods! Please continue to be awesome!

That is all the recipes. There is one new biome and a new plant. I am thinking about adding structures but that will be later. This mod is going under heavy development(I am saying it again) so please please please tell me about bugs. (Except for the Storm Catcher one which is what I am working on right now). 

Thank you if you downloaded or commented or just looked at this. I might make a mod review, but if you can, please do and I will check to see if it is good.

This took me a few weeks to make and I am still working on it!


Modification files
Glitched Out 1.12.2 V0.0.1 Alpha.jar - Glitched Out for MC 1.12.2 V0.0.1 Alpha WIP214.87 KB