Laendli Transport

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In development
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Latest supported Minecraft version

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current releases:

1.19.2: Ver. 1.7.2 "Animated Machinery" update  (featuring GeckoLib-supported animations)

1.19.2: Ver. 1.7.1

1.18.2: Ver. 1.7.1

1.16.5: Ver. 1.7.1 "retrobuild"  (full release, but without clothing items and wearable gear)

Set in the closest, vanilla-friendly period of modernity, Ländli Transport lets you play as a band of turn-of-the-century adventurers and gives you new ways to explore, travel and flesh out your worlds. Craft a variety of different vehicles to venture air, land and sea or use new tools to hunt exotic game and combat foes.

Along the way you may also find some unknown ruins, places and mysteries to investigate.


This mod was inspired by styles and themes from Jules Verne, early 1900s sci-fi, old adventure stories, some cartoons like Disney`s Atlantis or Laputa and a hint of H.P. Lovecraft.
Originally it was only planned as a means to move around in style on a private server but it quickly morphed into it's own thing altogether.

The Mod is still in development but the items so far are very much useable for any survival or andventure world.




Structures added so far:

  • treasure icebergs
  • ruined tower variants
  • ruined tombsite
  • lonely gas station
  • ancient Laputan outpost (very rare - look ...up maybe?)
  • buried, otherworldy relic (very, very rare - look for a tiny pit or spot of grey gravel and coral on the ground)


Other additions:

  • the "Bock" - a peaceful antilope-like creature that gives a bit more life to savannas, badlands and sparse jungles
  • Crabs - they will fight on inhabit the beaches, rivers, lakes and swamps where you can mistake their crabby relatives for friendly spots of grass
  • No garments of the secret mystic brotherhood of arcane knowledge
  • Definitely no ancient buried alien mini-boss
  • loyal Ländli-police(men?) who patrol and fend off monsters and a cranky mercenary pig with a cool hat. They follow players when they eqip a pistol. They are intended to be used for pre-built adventures or RP so they can only be spawned with sapwn eggs for now. I am still looking for inspiration on how to employ them as a useful/fun feature for survival mode - I take any suggestions



User Manual - Vehicles:

  • Ride vehicles by right-clicking them and get off with crouch(like other mountable mobs). To ride as passenger in a vehicle with multiple seats, craft the backseat cushion and place it near the vehicle. After that sit on the cushion.


  • All motor vehicles need coal and water to run. Access a vehicle's inventory and coal/water storage with crouch+right click. After that its fuel supply will be displayed while riding and above the vehicle when close to it. If you happen to find a lonely gas station on the way, make sure to refuel and pay the clerk a visit


  • An airship's climb and descent rate are controlled by looking upwards or downwards while flying. They consume fuel to stay in the air - even without a crew - so make sure to not leave them hovering for too long.


  • Vehicles provide a good amount of protection from shots and hits but they can be damaged and eventually get destroyed. You can repair them with iron ingots. Simply crouch+right click on it with Iron ingots in hand. If you can't safe your vehicle anymore try to get away from the spot because it will go with a hefty bang


  • normal roadgoing vehicles like the motor coach are faster on paved ground (stone, wood, dirt paths etc.) and slower on natural terrain like snow, grass, sand or gravel. The track crawler is slower overall but isn't affected by different terrain and can climb inclines of one block while the others need slabs to scale hills and uneven terrain.


  • The track crawler can be equipped with a cargo sleigh that can carry a huge load of items and one passenger. It can be linked and disconnected from the crawler to be stored elsewhere 


  • Steam boats are slighty slower than (the - in comparison - insanely fast) rowboats but can carry a lot of cargo.
    For 1.19.2+ the passenger steam boat in it's curent state is close to redundant, but it can still carry two people and a bit of cargo. In upcoming versions it will be tweaked to carry either three players or there will be a negative buff to the speed of regular rowboats


  • To upgrade a basic motor coach to a passenger/freight motor coach, crouch+right click on it with either a minecart or a chest in hand
  • Some vehicles are planned to get additional team variants for rival expedition teams. To get the cosmetic/team variants of the freight motor coach(and others in the future) you need to crouch+right click on the coach with either a red or cyan banner in hand - these mechanics might be improved in upcoming versions



User Manual - Weapons&Tools:

  • Weapons have descriptions to show which type of ammunition they use. Pistols and automatic weapons use magazines while rifles and shotguns need individual cartridges. The tnt-launcher uses blocks of tnt as magazines


  • The marksman rifle requires you to zoom in before firing. Press r to aim


  • The two explosive weapons have different explosive force. Throwable tnt-bundles deal a bigger blow than the tnt-launcher's charges but have a very limited range. Play around with the tnt-launcher to learn how to aim with the sights - as a rule of thumb, If a monster/player/something of similar size isn't much further away than ~ 50 blocks, move the sights over them so that it fits as If you are trying to take an nice upright picture of them


  • The diving suit lets you breathe and work underwater. Of course the whole set must be equipped for it to function. It also provides a decent amount of armor but at the cost of visibility and movement


  • The hose gun equipment can be used to put out fires. Equip the hose gun and the hydrant backpack and get back into the water when your tank is empty




Crafting Recipies



Misc. Gear



Notes from the Explorer's diaries


I am still quite new to forge and MCreator, so don't expect a gush of content updates very often. Support for 1.19.2 will follow soonTM.

Going forward, I'll like to add content that won't interfere with most other mods so I will likely concentrate on adding:

  • fuel mechanics for vehicles - 1.7.1 (see changelog)
  • more items and/or mobs that fit the theme - 1.7.2+
  • more structures to explore - 1.7.1+
  • more animations  - 1.7.2 (requires rebuild)
  • guide and achievements - ?
  • better organization of creative tab
  • (maybe, if requested) release a seperate file with only the items as a toolpack - ?

Feedback and recommendations are greatly appreciated! Fell free to tell me your impressions, issues or ideas for interesting additions :) 

Modification files
Laendli_1.7.2_(for_1.19.2)_0.jar - Forge, 1.19.2, requires GeckoLibUploaded on: 11/12/2022 - 21:38   File size: 8.35 MB
Laendli_1.7.1_(for_1.19.2).jar - Forge, 1.19.2Uploaded on: 11/05/2022 - 22:37   File size: 7.59 MB
Laendli_1.7.1_hotfix_0.jar - Forge, 1.18.2Uploaded on: 10/31/2022 - 13:51   File size: 7.96 MB
Laendli_1.7.1_(for_1.16.5).jar - Forge, 1.16.5Uploaded on: 11/02/2022 - 23:15   File size: 10.53 MB

1.7.2 (requires GeckoLib)

  • added multiple custom animations for all vehicles  and made some refinements to the interior of the models
  • refined some vehicle stats (hitpoints etc.)
  • fixed some inconsistencies in movement behavior of certain vehicles (eg. motor coaches can now climb dirt pathways with slabs, airships fall down when destroyed ...)
  • removed unused npc-mobs until further gameplay content is introduced in following updates
  • spawn items for vehicles are no longer removed from player's hands in creative mode

added  support for 1.19.2

added support for 1.16.5

  • no clothing items and wearable gear featured in this 'downgraded' version


1.7.1 hotfix

  • fixed airships wrongly running out of fuel even when landed
  • fixed weapons not breaking/triggering blocks correctly + reduced lag probability from spamming guns + added empty cartridge casigns ejection for automatic weapons
  • added water & coal loot to generated gas station strucutres to tie in with the new fuel mechanics
  • minor entity size/behavior adjustments
  • tweaked structure spawn rates
  • prepared assets' compatibility for export to 1.16.5
  • fixed lowercase spelling of items and entities


added vehicle & fuel mechanics

  • all motor vehicles require coal and water to run. Their fuel-meter is dispalyed above the entity and while riding
    airships even consume fuel over time if they hover, even without a player controlling them, so plan ahead where you get off!
  • added interaction with cargo sleighs to link/unlink to crawler tow vehicle
  • there arenow big and small cargo inventory sizes - depending on the type of  vehicle (passenger or cargo)
  • the sleigh now doesn't get stuck and suffacte on downhill rides dehind a tow vehicle as much as before
  • all land vehicles, except for the crawler, now can only drive up inclines of half a block, so pave your steep driveways with slabs! This was done to balance the advantages of the crawler and the rest of the land vehicles

 weapons rebalancing

  • firearms now destroy a variety of blocks on impact (leaves, glass, cloth, cactus etc.)
  • the explosive damage and destruction of thrown tnt-bundles and the tnt-launcher are now closer together - now you can blast an entrance into wooden structures with one hit and the bundles cause even bigger destruction - but still balanced in relation to tnt-blocks


  • moved most items under a new creative tab
  • players joining a new world will automatically be give the recipes to craft the mod-specific recipe-book items so that you can decide how/if someone can craft the mod items in survival/adventure mode
  • rebalanced vehilce horn sounds to prevent bleeding ears
  • buffed the . -.. .| / ., . :: , -  to be little bit more of a challenge during a group adventure


open / possible issues

  • some incoherent item namings (uppercase/lowercase)
  • couple/uncouple for the cargo sleigh is defined globally, so multiple players might unintentionally detatch the sleighs again when pushing the button(?)
  • due to makeup of procedures, spamming the automatic weapons may cause more lagg than before(?)

1.7.0  first public release

< 1.7.0  unreleased test builds

you should use the geckolib plugin for mcreator 1.18.2 1.19.2 so you can add animations

My god, this looks just epic :O
If you ever consider 1.16 version, I will definitely try adding this to my modpacks, as this fits so well my steampunk-esque aesthetics and themes.

I'm glad you like it so far! Thats sound neat :D
I'm currently developing this on MCreator 2022.2, so I should still have the option to export for 1.16.5 right?
I'll look into it after I release the next update wich adds new vehicle mechanics in the next few days.