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----------Welcome to your Minecraft revolution!----------

This is a mod which adds to Minecraft some machines and resources which will help you in your Survival World!

You can use this machines to make some resources like strings,ash,iron nuggets,and other...Also in this mod you can catch 3 new types of fish (perch,carp and catfish) using a new machine.This also adds a new weapon blowgun (needs darts to shoot) which is made with seatrees,new artificial plants! So hope you will enjoy this mod and do awesome things with this technologies.

So a "guide" how to use machines:

Oil extractor:  1.Place a block of log behind it (where the tube is).

                       2.Right click on it and you have a 80% chance of having tree oil.

String factory:  1.Right click on it with tree oil in your hand.

                         2.Wait for strings become white.

                         3.Right click on it with a knife in your hand.

Decomposer:  1.Place a gravel or cobblestone block over the decomposer.

                        2.Wait a bit (15s if it is gravel and 45s if it is cobblestone).

                        3.Collect the drop.

Autofarmer:  1.Right click on it with wheat seeds in your hand.

                      2.Wait a bit (you don't need to wait if you right click on this with fertilizer in your hand).

                      3.Right click on it with a knife in your hand.

Plant burner: 1.Right click on it with some plant item in your hand.

                      2.Wait a bit.

                      3.Collect the drop.

Fishing station (needs a water block below):  1.Right click on it with wheat seeds in your hand.

                                                                        2.Right click on it when the rock is pushed down.

Incubator:  1.Right click on this with an egg in your hand.

                   2.Wait for chicken appearing in front of it.

Coffee machine (needs a water block behind):  1.Right click with clay cup in your hand.

                                                                           2.Right click with a ingredient in hand

                                                                          (micralia fruit powder/micralia flower+sugar in inventory/cocoa powder+sugar

                                                                          in inventory).

                                                                           3.Wait for your drink.

If you have questions for this mod or questions/suggestions for TC 2 - put it on TC's forum! Forum:

Thank you!

Modification files
TechnoCraft[v1.0].jar - TechnoCraft [vI.0] [Bio Update]Uploaded on: 06/03/2018 - 17:49   File size: 179.22 KB
TechnoCraft[v1.1].jar - TechnoCraft [vI.I] [Second Bio Update]Uploaded on: 06/07/2018 - 11:06   File size: 290.27 KB

Bug with weird names fixed fixed! It was really easy! If you are suffering from it too go to TechnoCraft Forum, I wrote what to do in this situation there! Starting work on TC 2! Big thanks to Nuparu00! ;D

Hello Raol! amazing mods you've made there man! I was wondering if you could help me.. I'm using MCreator 1.7.3 and I'm having trouble figuring out on how to generate ores in the nether, I watched a bunch of tutorials and looked through a lot of forum posts but couldn't find anything that was able to help.

I've been told to change this line of code from this (new WorldGenMinable(mcreator_chromeOre.block, 3)).generate(world, rand, randPosX, randPosY, randPosZ);

to this (new WorldGenMinable(mcreator_chromeOre.block, 3, BlockMatcher.forBlock(Blocks.NETHERRACK))).generate(world, rand, randPosX, randPosY, randPosZ);

it still doesn't work tho.. any advice?

Sorry... But i ready make my technical mod... I won't steal anything from you ... Probably...