Splatcraft by Maxoleq 1,2

Published by Maxoleq on Fri, 06/29/2018 - 14:53
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Splatcraft by Maxoleq

This is mod based on the Splatoon game from nintendo switch . Have you ever wanted to paint Minecraft ? or you would like to start a turf war ? with this mod you can splat everything . in this mod you can meet Inklings , Octarians , Salmonids or use New Squidphone !?!

if you have time enjoy my Videos About splatoon on my channel :)

Name of my channel : Maxoleq Loder

Modification files

Version 1.0.1

-Mod textures now work :)

-added first set of mem cake

Version 1.2

-added more mem cake

-added BOSS (Agent 3 , Agent 8)

-added Octofriend

-added Achievements


Its good, but how do i make it so less inklings spawn? like 500 inkling spawn and i cant handle the lag.

yo, what are the recipes,if they are recipes? like for the phone