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Bellatrix's Spells comes with spells that help you here and there in Minecraft! Each one helps you in different times, for instance, the Cake Spell helps you never go hungry! The Teleporting Spell helps you fly up and away from your opponent! The Lightning Spell strikes lightning wherever you want! And there are much more things you can do with these! I hope to add more spells! I meant to name the Teleporting Spell: Flying Spell. 

Updates soon: Dimension Teleporting Spells, Hope to make more versions, might make a TNT spawning spell which is where it just spawns TNT, and more!

Spells: Fire, Water, Harvesting, Personal Villager, TNT, Cake, Ruler of the Undead, Lava, Teleporting, and Lightning.

The Fire spell gives you fire charge for now, Water spell gives you the power to create water anywhere you'd like, the Harvesting spell gives you a stack of potatoes, carrots, and wheat, perfect for those that just started farming! Personal Villager spell gives you the power to spawn a villager where ever you'd like! Might come in handy if you need to trade, TNT spell spawns explosions everywhere! With the Cake spell you would never go hungry! If you are severely hungry in a cave, and you don't want to leave, spawn a cake and eat it! Ruler of the Undead spawns a lot of zombies, just make sure they are closer to your enemy when they spawn so they attack them and not you, you still should run. Lava spell spawns lava! Which is perfect for battles! Teleporting spell just makes you fly up and down (I'll call it flying spell soon), finally, the Lightning Spell! The second most expensive spell, spawns lighting where ever you wish! Finally, you can make that creeper a sonic creeper like you always wanted!

Thanks for downloading!

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Bellatrix's Spells 1.7.10.jarUploaded on: 07/15/2018 - 03:21   File size: 3.26 MB

7/28/2018 - Changed description to be a bit more detailed about the spells

7/15/2018 - Fixed pictures

7/14/2018 - Mod was released

Looks interesting, keep It Up!

No offense but, you should polish a bit the textures (whenever I can, I'll do a retexture for you), and make your description to be less rushed for who Will read It, also add specific details of each spell.

Hello! I am working on a new mod! It will come out soon!

-DeadlyBellatrix, the creator of this mod.