Aresium Craft 0.2 Alpha!!!

Published by Nuparu00 on Tue, 08/27/2013 - 16:42
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This is  new version of my mod to mod AresiumCraft.This game adds Aresium ore, Aresium Gem, Aresium pickaxe, Aresium Sword, New biome and dimension, and many other things.

Version Aplha 0.2 adds Crystal of good,Ihanium.Bucket of gold and other.



Thank you for download.



HERE IS TEXT ADDED 1st May 2016:
Today I remembered on this mod. It is propably 1st mod that i uploaded on this site. And i know that this mod is maybe in conflict with rules. (100 non-random words,...). But because this mod is almost 3 years old - is so simple. And if you look on my present time mods it's absolutely different . So MCreator site moderators & admins , please don't remove this , because it is my memory of where I started.

Regards Nuparu00

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