Published by FReezSlime on Sun, 10/14/2018 - 10:29
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Hello thanks for checking out my mod. Never thought ill make my own mod in minecraft. 

I have a youtube channel where i will be showing how i'm making my mod also learning new stuff.



A liltle bit about the mod,

This mod has at this moment three types of Ore witch are Ruby,Sapphire,Amber

All of them has Armor,Sword,And Gems.


Today on the Sunday, 15, 2018, i made four main updates for this mod

First one is the Angels, witch has Ore, Crystals, Armor, Sword


Second one is the Demons, witch has Ore, gems, Armor, Sword


Thirth one is the emerald Set, it has Armor, Sword,

At this point i didn't make any new Ore or Gems for emerald as emerald is already in minecraft!


Fourth one is, TheDarkForest,

just finished it This forest has nothing to do with demons or Angels, just a biome But for the ones who's looking forward for the Angels/Demons biomes no worries im already working on that update.





Mod created by F.S-FreezingSlime

PS, If you are using some of my ideas from my mod, please leave a credit.


1, update 1.0.0 Sapphire,Ruby,Amber.

2, update 1.0.1 Angels/Demons, Emerald.

3, update 1.0.2 TheDarkForest - Biome

4, update 1.0.3 TheLightForest - Biome

This mod is fully done.