Shadies Traps Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome To Shadies Traps Version 1.2! This mod aims to add traps that can hurt mobs and players alike and structures with many traps. Hopefully you enjoy this mod! It can be used to defend your base from mobs and players or make custom dungeons. Please leave suggestions for new traps in the comments! Also leave comments of traps that should be deleted or improved upon. Traps added are: Spike Trap, Spike Block, Air Vent, Flame Vent, Chiller, Fog Machine, Mine, Broken Blocks, Turrets.

Modification files
Shadies Traps 1.0.jar - The First Version Of Shadies Traps62.81 KB
Shadies Traps 1.1.jar - Shadies Traps 1.1102.02 KB
Shadies Traps 1.2.jar - Chiller, Turret, Fog Machine, Sandstone Recipes.166.84 KB

1.2 - Chiller, Turret, Fog Machine, Sandstone Recipes.

1.1 - Structures with traps and sandstone trap variants

1.0 - Release