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Monsters Weapons or RPG drops is a small simple mod made by me.With this mod, most of the hostile mobs will come with some chance to drop weapons unique to each mob.Most of these weapons have 450 durability and cannot be repaired. Here is a list of all the weapons, then from whom they can be obtained and how much strength they have \ can it be repaired

Main world:

Zombie-Rotten sword(0.2%)

Spider-Webbed sword(0.2%)

Creeper-Crunchy bat(0.2%)

Skeleton-Brittle Knife(0.2%)

Ravager-Ravage mace(0.2%)

Guardian-Seekeng sword(0.2%)

Witch-With Stabber(0.2%)


Nether world:

Wither skeleton-withered sword(0.2%)

Magma cube-Flaming sword(0.2%)

Blaze-Blazing star(0.2%)

Piglin-Gold hunter(0.2%)/can be repaired with golden blocks

Ghast-Crying soul(0.2%)

Wither-Grim reaper(100%)/can be repaired with wither rose

Ender world:


Shulcker-Purpur Crasher(0.2%)

Endermite-Dragonborn(40%)/can be repaired with ender crystal

Craftables:all these weapons have 750 durability

BrittleBucker-witch stabber/brittle sword

ElementalSword-seekeng sword/flaming sword

CaveSword-webbed sword/rotten sword

MasterMace-crunchy bat/ravage mace/purper crusher

BlackGold-withered sword/gold hunter

Magmatik-blazing star/slimer

SoulEater-dragonborn/grim reaper/crying soul






Modification files
MonstersWeaponsMod_1-18-2_0-3-0.jar - this final version for nowUploaded on: 07/27/2022 - 11:02   File size: 106.4 KB
MonstersWeaponsMod_1-18-2_0-5-0.jar - final versionUploaded on: 09/04/2022 - 13:17   File size: 111.08 KB