Antique Pickaxe (evolving pickaxe)

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  • Description

A mod that adds a pickaxe, you probably think it's a joke, ahahah

but this pickaxe has a system of xp which makes that according to the durability of the block that you break your pickaxe will evolve,

the more your pickaxe is high level the faster it will mine and moreover your pickaxe is unbreakable it's great, isn't it ?

Equal key to open the GUI with the pick info.

F10 key to show overlay with pickaxe info.

you can use it in your modpacks

inspired by the Pickaxe Of The God from Paladium

all 3d models pickaxes

  • The enchantments

3*3, mine three by three block

TNT, requires one TNT per explosion in inventory (right click with the pickaxe)

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Modification files
antique_pickaxe_V0.8_0.jar - 1.16.5 v0.8Uploaded on: 04/23/2024 - 16:47   File size: 781.33 KB
antique_pickaxe_V0.9_0.jar - 1.18.2 v0.9Uploaded on: 04/23/2024 - 16:48   File size: 701.83 KB
antique_pickaxe_V1.1.0.beta_.jar - 1.19.2 v1.1 betaUploaded on: 04/23/2024 - 16:48   File size: 615.75 KB
antique_pickaxe_V1.2.0.jar - 1.20.1 v1.2Uploaded on: 04/23/2024 - 16:49   File size: 1.75 MB

Patch Notes - Version 1.2.0 (English)

New Features:

  • Added GUI interface for changing skins.
  • Implemented achievement system.
  • Introduced achievement background visuals.
  • Added GUI textures for improved interface aesthetics.
  • Admin commands for adding and removing skins from players.
  • Added "Nature" skin variant.
  • Assigned steampunk, nature, and inferno pickaxes to respective level scripts.
  • Implemented system to prevent duplicate pickaxes in inventory upon switching.
  • Added script for managing skin sets and removal.
  • Improved and revised translations.
  • Added new items and crafting recipes for obtaining skins.