Published by Mr_Donut on Sat, 01/04/2020 - 17:25
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A Minecraft mod that'll make your life MUCH easier with several stuff.

It contains a bunch of useful tools, items, blocks, etc. that can help you to survive and have fun playing Minecraft!

TIP: Use JEI or NEI to get recipes!


Here's the list of items this mod adds:

Tungsten Ingot: The base material of the modification. Can be obtained from Tungsten Ore and transformed into Tungsten Block.

Wood Handler: Transforms saplings (from vanilla Minecraft and this mod) into logs of that tree type.

Portative Ore Smelter: smelts ores (from vanilla Minecraft and this mod) in inventory using Coal Plates.

Time Locket: Used to change time (from day to night and back).

Totem of Weather: Used to change weather (begin or stop rain). Drops from Witches with 50% chance.

Emblem of Panic: Gives you speed and jump boost when you have less than 8 HP. Drops from Villagers with 100% chance.

Golden Clover: Regenerates you when you have 5 or less HP. Drops from Evokers with 20% chance.

Soul of Flight: Allows you to fly. Drops from Bats, Blazes and Ghasts with 2% chance and from Ender Dragon with 50% chance.

Experience Claster: Transforms diamonds and emeralds into XP (~30 - 40 levels per stack).

Sweet Beans: Food that grows on Bean Plant and restores 5 nutrition. Used in Bean Soup, which restores 12 nutrition.

Ore Extractor: Extracts chunks from ores (from vanilla Minecraft and this mod) (2 chunks from 1 ore) so they could be smelted into final product.

Forsaken Mines: Dimension with skeletons, Dry Stone and Dry Ores that drop 3 pieces of material instead of one. You can get there using Miner's Battery.

Rainbow Ingot: The best material of the modification. Can be obtained from Rainbow Ore (hidden in the Forsaken Mines).

Tungsten Tools: A bit better than Iron Tools (pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, sword).

Rainbow Tools: MUCH better than Diamond Tools (pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, sword).

Void Blade: Over-powered endgame (or not?) sword. Drops from Ender Dragon with 100% chance.

Tungsten Spike: Deals 8 damage per second to any entity that touches it. Has upgraded version, which deals 16 damage per second instead.

+ RECIPE OF NETHER STAR! You'll need 3 Wither Skeleton skulls, 4 Soulsand and 2 Diamond Swords. Recipe in JEI/NEI!


That's all. I wait for your opinion. Write down here if you want to say sth or report a bug. More stuff soon (not sure). Goodbye and thx for your attention!





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Hey! I enjoyed your mod as it added a couple cool things. I still don't understand the dry ores though :P, but anyways I was wanting to use some of your ideas in my mod, would you accept that if I give you full credit for those ideas, and if you allow me, see ya soon thx!

Hello! Sorry for the late answer!
Thanks for your opinion. Yes, I allow you to use some of the things with the full credits. Furthermore, it would be really nice if you leave a link to my mod c: (it's not necessary tho)
P.S. the dry ores are just give you more materials than the common one (for example, dry coal ore gives you 3 coal instead of 1)