Less Useless Stuff

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Makes copper and flint less useless, adds stick bundles and blocks for storage and building.

I felt like copper is a pretty useless, but super abundant, resource. So I said "hey, let's... make it not useless." So now in addition to the blocks, Spyglass, and Lightning rod that Vanilla Minecraft offers, you also have the traditional Pickaxe, Axe, Sword, Shovel, Hoe, and a full Copper Armor set.

I also added Flint tools, (since you can get Flint with just your hand and not need a tool) and Bundles of Sticks (because I was having inventory issues with getting too many sticks and having nothing to do with them all)

Bundles of Sticks also craft into Stick Blocks, which look kind of like wooden pillars.

Copper tools harvest at Iron Level with efficiency and damage between Stone and Iron, enchantability close to Gold, and 200 durability.

Copper armor has durability and damage values between Gold or Leather and Iron, and enchantability close to Gold.

Flint tools harvest at Stone Level with efficiency between Wood and Stone, enchantability like Diamond, and 100 durability.


Edit 2/27/22: I've added a lot of recipes for uncraftable things! A few of these are things you can't really obtain in Peaceful Mode, which is... the only mode I play.

  • Bell
  • Elytra
  • all Music Discs
  • Name Tag
  • End Portal Frame (has a crafting recipe out of convenience, not necessity)
  • Totem of Undying
  • Trident
  • Nether Star (again, convenience rather than necessity; you still have to go to the Nether for the materials)
  • Horse Armor (made like above, with blocks and ingots of iron, diamond, or gold, and any carpet)
  • Saddle
  • Chainmail Armor, made with chains like other armor

I've also added an item, the Chainlink, which replaces the materials in the recipes for Flint and Steel, and Chain. Poisonous Potatoes can now be smelted into Lime Dye until I can find a better use.

There are also new blocks made of bamboo! Bamboo Blocks, Stairs, Fences, Fence Gates, Buttons, and Pressure Plates. I'm going to add Bamboo Doors and Trapdoors in the future too!

Modification files
LessUselessStuff.jar - Less Useless Stuff 1.0Uploaded on: 01/27/2022 - 01:53   File size: 61.7 KB
LessUselessStuff_0.jar - Less Useless Stuff 2.0Uploaded on: 02/28/2022 - 00:36   File size: 101.79 KB

First version!


  • Copper tools and armor
  • Flint tools
  • Bundle of Sticks
  • Block of Sticks

Second Version!

Adds recipes for a bunch of uncraftable stuff, and:

  • Bamboo blocks, stairs, fences etc
  • Chainlink, which is used for:
    • New recipe for Chains
    • New recipe for Flint and Steel

Future plans include adding utility to Amethyst, as well as porting to 1.18.1 as soon as I can :D

More future plans:
Decorative blocks made of Calcite and Tuff
The Otherside music disc, which I already have a recipe for; I just need to update to 1.18
A better use for poisonous potatoes
Misc copper-redstone utilities, and copper buckets (when someone finally figures out how to do it right)
A use for Sporeblossoms, and hopefully a way to "farm" them?

The nether star recipe is an imbalance. It's the same with the totem. And so the mod is good.

you should remove the nether star since it's supossed to be dropped by the wither when killed