One Piece mod for Minecraft

Published by MrCraeder on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 10:18
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This mod add to your minecraft my Own devil fruits and two new mobs! Check it and enjoy!
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Write what i need add to this mod!
If i check comments i will take some ideas!
And send TNX!
It's craftable! You can see crafts!


Press G with Electro to Electro Smash

Press F with Electro to Electro Strenght

Recipes: (This is not block its model texture or simple bug)

Goro Goro no mi

Kilo Kilo no mi

Void Void no mi

Baku Baku no mi

Ushi Ushi no mi

Gomu Gomu no mi

Kaka Kaka no mi

Tri Tri no mi

Roma Roma no mi

Magu Magu no mi

Hie Hie no mi
Pika Pika no mi

Modification files
One-Piece-1.12.2-v1.5.jar - Newest807.73 KB

-When you eat fruit you don't die now!

Devil fruits - 12
Mobs - 2
Items - MANY!

Dimensions - 1

Fruits - 1

WOW. how did you get thefruits to look like that?1?