Beating Stick Mod

Published by pigface111 on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 15:51
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This is a somewhat unique, and simple mod I have been working on for a while, only because I was too lazy to do t. This mod features different beating sticks, each dealing a lot amount of damage! The first few beating sticks are not too OP. The wooden beating stick does just as much damage as a diamond sword, but it breaks after 20 hits! Hope you enjoy this mod! If you have any ideas for new beating sticks, please comment! I will be adding the following beating sticks in the next update: Lightning, Ice. I also recommend that you use the Just enough Items mod, it will help you to know the recipes!

Modification files
Beating Stick Mod v.1.0.jar - Beating Stick Mod Uploaded on: 06/01/2020 - 16:00   File size: 201.3 KB

•Wooden Beating Stick

•Stone Beating Stick

•Iron Beating Stick

•Diamond Beating Stick

•Gold Beating Stick

•Dragon Beating Stick

Grants protection when held

•Netherbrick Beating Stick

Has 100 attack speed

•Levetation Beating Stick

Levetates mobs into the air

•Explosive Beating Stick

Has a 90% chance to explode on impact.

•Cow Beating Stick

Turns passive mobs into cows

•Villager Beating Stick

Spawns two villagers when an entity is hit.

•Magma Beating Stick

Burns the entity without fire aspect

•Beating Stick Part 

Used to craft beating sticks

•Cow tnt

Used to craft the cow beating stick

May explode in a future update

Coming Soon:

•Ice Beating Stick

•Lightning Beating Stick