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Hi! Before talking about the mod itself I would like to say just one thing! It is good if you support my mod TechnoCraft! If I get 70 downloads on it I'll try to release TechnoCraft 2 as soon as I can! I promise that it will be really good! Thanks for your attention! ;)

Hi! In this mod you can find pretty nice things! Just one not so nice thing is that you should see the crafting recipes in NEI, but ok... You can use them for a lot of interesting things, for example: fast tents or trips in mountains or caves!

Unsolid block - I know it sounds weird but... YAS IT IS! Just click to switch it's stage between solid/not solid (brick block/contured block).

Building wool - This is a pretty useful thing! You can destroy it instantly (faster than in CREATIVE!), so you can make tents or other structures you need to destroy fast!

Multi-building-wool - It is similar to normal variant but it has some differences! You can change it's number! So, you can build something with 200 block and than make just 1 block from all these 200 or 200 from one. Cool? Yes but there is another difference - when you destroy one block of this wool other Multi-building-wool blocks around it are destroyed too! So, pretty funny to play with :v

Lightfall material - It works like water! But looks better and doesn't flow! So you still can fall from height and get no damage! Useful...

Lightfalling boots - When you craft it gets LEVEL 20 FEATHER FALLING! I tested it a bit and discovered that if you fall from n height you get arround 7 hearts of damage and with these boots... 2 HEARTS! It is pretty useful in mountains or caves!

So, that's it! I want to uptade it  than. Don't forget to comment! Enjoy ;)

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Nice mod :)
I can't wait for Technocraft 2! I hope it will be for 1.12.2 :D
PS: instead of making the Lightfalling Boots have Feather Falling XX when crafted, you can add a tick rate procedure to it that uses this block: override fall distance with 0

I think it wouldn't be for Mine 1.12.2... It will be for 1.10.2 or 1.11.2, because prodecure system is very hard for me... But I promise that it will be giant and have a lot of stuff from very different sciences like Biology, Geology, Astronomy, and more more more! You can ask or suggest something on TechnoCraft's Forum: https://mcreator.net/forum/42540/technocraft-mod-forum Anyways, when I get a good enough computer I will imediatly start working on it! ;D