Advanced Power And Fuel Mod

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Name of Mod: Advanced Power and Fuel Mod           
Description of Mod: This mod allows the user to use more sources for fuel and generate fuel easily.            
Tags For Mod: fuel, generator, power, generate, ChargingStarProductions, MasterFalcon, easy, easily, easier, methods           
Minecraft Versions: 1.7.10           
 ---Production For the Mod---           
Coal Generator - Generate Coal           
Lead Ore - Holds Lead Ingots           
Antenna - Casts a Lighting Strike; Provides Lightning Energy           
Wall Outlet - Provides power with redstone           
Generator - Provides power to the wall outlets, coal generator, and other electronic appliciances            
Lead Ingots - (Recipe Item) Used to make batteries, and antenna           
Lightning Energy - (Recipe Item, Fuel) Used to make battery, wall outlets, weapons, armor, and as fuel           
Outlet Shell - (Recipe Item) Used to make wall outlet           
Lead Sticks - (Recipe Item) Used to make lightning-based weapons            
Static Wheat - (Recipe Item) Used to make Static Cookies           
Static Seeds - (Plant) Farmable, grows into Static Wheat    Lead Apples - (Food) Eatable  

Electric Sword - 17 Attack Damage, Lightning Strike on contact, 120 uses           
Electric Pickaxe - 9 Efficiency, 100 uses           
Electric Axe - 9 Efficiency, 100 uses           
Electric Shovel - 11 Efficiency, 100 uses           
Electric Hoe - 100 uses           
Static Cookies - Swiftness 2 for 4:00, Regeneration 1 for 2:00           
Lead Apples - Posion for 0:30, Hunger for 0:45, Console Text: Lead Apples. LEAD Apples. Wow. What part of that is healthy? Apples...I guess.           
Electric Helmet: Thorns           
Electric Chestplate: Thorns           
Electric Leggings: Swiftness           
Electric Boots: Swiftness           
Static Seeds - Grows Static Wheat          

Technician - Trade Parts for Various Other Materials           
Enemy Technicians - Zombie AI           
Lightning Gun - Spawns a Lightning Strike           
Lightning Gun Created - The Power of Tesla (Successfully created Lightning Gun)           
Antenna Created - Where is Frankenstein? (It's alive! Fly you fools!)            
Lightning Energy - (Recipe Item, Fuel) Used to make battery, wall outlets, weapons, armor, and as fuel           

Tabs (Creative):           
Mod Blocks           
Mod Items           

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