Bullit (New Update)

Published by Kaiden1527 on Wed, 02/20/2019 - 19:19
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In development
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I recommend using Just Enough Items mod if you want to see all of the recipes

This is the 0.7  update for this mod (the third update)

This update Includes a new weapon, the MP5, a MP5 Magazine, crafting recipes for all guns, and reloading!

To reload while in survival just right click while holding on a magazine, and you will be given the bullets according to the gun/magazine

Please comment any bugs, and I'm open to add features that you guys would like in the mod, Thank You!

Modification files

-added reloading for all guns

-added crafting recipes for all guns and magazines

-added MP5

-added MP5 Magazine

nice mod :)
the gun models looks realy cool!
can you add a rocket launcher?

Great weapon models, good to see that some people actually take the time to make something that's actually worth being proud of. Great job. :)

i am making a zombie apocalipse mod and am adding weapons but i dont know how to make functional magazines for them, could you tell me how you did it please? (: