Make a Sword With Any Resource (MASWAR)

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He's getting tired of the game's standard swords. This mod is for you, create swords with any item you can imagine.

This mod allows you to create a sword with most of the features of the vanilla minecraft. (W.I.P)

Currently with 139 Swords.


That is a Small List of the LEVEL of swords based on game progression:

LV 1. Terrain (dirt, sand, gravel)
LV 2. Plants (leaves, flowers, mushrooms)
LV 3. Stones (andesite, granite, diorite)
LV 4. Mob Drops (rotten flesh, bones, gun powder)
LV 5. Ores (emerald, redstone ,lapis)

LV 1. Terrain (netherrack, magma block, soul sand)
LV 2. Ores (quartz, glowstone)
LV 3. Mob Drops (blaze rod, ghast tear)

--The End--
LV 1. Terrain (end stone, chorus fruit)
LV 2. Purple Blocks
Lv 3. Mob Drops (shulker shell, ender pearl)

LV 1. Fish (cod, salmon)
LV 2. Meat (pork, steak)
LV 3. Vegetables (potato, carrot)
LV 4. Cooking foods
LV 5. Sweet Foods (cake, pie, cookie)
LV 6. Golden foods (apple, carrot, melon)

LV 1. Overworld (totem ,sponge, mob heads)
LV 2. Nehter (skeleton head, nether star, beacon)
LV 3. End (egg dragon, dragon head, elytra)


Modification files
MASWAR v1.6.jarUploaded on: 07/08/2020 - 16:17   File size: 829.73 KB

v 1.6 (1.15.2)


- Added Cocoa Bean Sword;

- Added 3 New Swords(First Hit, Last Hit and Last Hit) a combination of all glasses Swords;


- Changed to the recipe of the Undefined Sword;

v 1.5 (1.15.2)


- Added respective swords for Beacon, Crafting Table, Furnace;

- Added The Wither Sword;

- Added MCreator Sword;

- Added item description for most swords;

- Added New Effects to Dark Pigment, Light Pigment and Rainbow Pigment, Totem Sword, Nether Star Sword;

- Added New Effects to other Swords;

- Added a New Final Sword That Deals 999 Damage;


- Adjustment in The Balance of Swords;

- Fixed Blue, brown, black and White dye swords recipes;


v 1.4 (1.15.2)


-Added respective swords to sand, red sand, soul sand,Chorus and popped chorus fruit, ghast tear;

-Added Super Swords (Light Pigment Sword,Dark Pigment Sword, Rainbow Pigment Sword, Ancient Bark);


-Updated Mod to Minecraft 1.15.2;

v 1.3


-Added respective swords to rotten flesh, chainmail, spider and fermented spider eye, gun powder, cookie, snow, snow ball;


-Added gold nugget recipe;

-Swords of gold nugget, shulker shell, blaze rod, iron nugget, stick and glass pane now have a better attack speed;

v 1.2


-Added respective swords for carrot, melon, glass, glass panes, stained glass, mutton, beef, porkchop;


-Now Ender Eye Sword can teleport with Right-Click;

-Delayed Ender pearl and Ender Eye Swords Teleport;

-Change creative tab icon;

V 1.1


-Added respective swords for dirt, netherrack, endstone, bedrock, magma block, glass and cactus;

-Added Sword for chicken mob;


-Added glowing effect to Nether Star Sword and increase your damage;

v 1.0

First Release:

Includes 72 Swords.

Hey this is the guy who make this mode here. I just forgot about this mod after I stop playing minecraft. Sorry if you was expecting me to update this but the tool that I was using to make this mod (MCREATOR) was stopping being updated. So I hope you find some better to play :/

great idea! if the swords don't have any special effects, here are some ideas:
- gravel - low chance of critical hit
- rotten flesh - chance to inflict hunger
- bone - high durability?
- gunpowder - size 1 explosion on impact
- redstone - low durability, chance to strike lightning?
- lapis - low durability, extremely high enchantability
- magma - chance to set opponent on fire
- soul sand - slows down the opponent
- glowstone - inflicts glowing effect
- blaze rod - sets opponent on fire
- ghast tear - shoots fireball, or regenerates health when used

- chorus fruit - randomly teleports the opponent
- shulker shell - levitates the opponent
- ender pearl - teleports user to opponent
- potato - low chance to poison opponent
- golden food - very low durability, applies golden food effect when used
- totem - very very low durability, high attack damage, restores user to full health when used
- sponge - saps up nearby water
- mob heads - strikes lightning
- wither skeleton skull - summons wither skull
- nether star - very high attack damage, chance to inflict wither effect
- beacon - just overpowered
- dragon egg - no durability, lasts forever, also high attack damage maybe
- dragon head - shoots ender charge
- elytra - can right click to use elytra

Nice mod, but I would like if you would have older versions in the downloads to.