Dungeon's Loot

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome to Dungeon's Loot! This mod aims to add new dungeons and new loot to find in the dungeons. Keep in mind this is only version 1.0 so much more will be added in the future.

This mod adds:

15+ weapons including 8 magic weapons and 8 melee weapons!

10+ awesome structures to fight through!

Planned features:

More Weapons!

Mobs Holding Weapons Maybe?

More Structures!

New Items!

Suggest More To Be Added In The Comments!

Modification files
Dungeon's Loot Version 1.0 Minecraft 1.15.2.jar - The first version of Dungeon's Loot.171.26 KB

1.0 - Mod created and published

Maybe some more weapons, I was going to make a Minecraft Dungeons mod but quit. I had 30+ textures. I got the ideas from the Minecraft Dungeons wiki.

Looks cool, but could you describe what do the new items do (maybe just some of them)?

Sure! The Electric Hammer has a chance to strike lightning and explode. The Cloud Staff gives you levitation and slow falling and hitting a mob gives it levitation. The Molten Halberd sets enemies on fire and the Torch bow leaves fire where the arrow lands. The Frost Bow leaves ice where it lands. The Cloak Of Darkness will give you invisibility. If i'm remembering correctly that's all the magic weapons.