Expanded Armour Mod

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To be a bit transparent, the concept behind this mod was inspired by the heavy armor featured in the Chocolate Quest mod. I wanted to make my own variant and bring it to 1.12.2, so here it is. Sorry if the item icons look weird and don't quite match, I am not very good at that.

Each heavy armor set is +1 protection and +1 toughness than their previous iteration, each will give a slowness effect when equipped. If they are damaged then they can be repaired based on the material they were mainly made of on the anvil.



- Studded or Enchanted Leather (maybe both)
- Lighter Versions
- Artifacts to grant bonuses
- Enemies to get those artifacts from
That's it... sorry, I'll think of something later.

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Minecraft Forge mod
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  • Heavy Iron Set added
  • Heavy Golden Set added
  • Heavy Diamond Set added