Expanded Weaponry Mod

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Welcome to my first Mod! The Expanded Weaponry Mod! In this mod there are many new Weapons, types of Weapons, Armor Sets, and even a couple new Mobs! Feel free to report anything like overpowered Items etc. or suggest new additions for the Mod! This is as I said earlier my first Mod so please don't expect any super complicated features. Thank You!

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Expanded Weaponry 1.0.0.jar - Expanded Weaponry.jar501.53 KB
Expanded Weaponry 1.0.zip - Expanded Weaponry.zip501.53 KB

For some reason, the 'longswords' look like Asgard Shields' giant swords. But good mod whatsoever!

Survivalist0100 can i use your mod in my mod pack i will give you credit

nice mod but plss change the id for ingot such as ingot_copper because i want to use another ingot from another mod