Medieval Weapons

Published by Emis on Sun, 10/06/2019 - 07:15
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Medieval Weapons is a combat mod that adds lots of new weapons such as chakram, war hammer and sai.

This mod adds steel to the game that can use to make 15 different tool/weapon that has custom attack speeds and damage.




-Weakness dagger

-Slowness dagger

-Poison dagger


-War axe

-War hammer




-Steel sword

-Steel pickaxe

-Steel axe

-Steel shovel

-Steel hoe



-Steel Block

-Steel ingot



How the Forge work

The Forge is like a furnace however is used to make steel.

To make steel you need

1.fuel such as blaze rods, Magma blocks, block of coal

2. smelt the coal and iron ingot together what makes steel



Version is 1.12.2

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