The Bleach (Anime) Mod

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Hi There,

My Second Mod. I've been addicted to drinking blea....

Nah just kidding this mod is about an anime called bleach. although the only thing in the mod is going to the soul society after death i will be adding tons of models (hopefully) such as zanpakutos (and there forms) and hollows with there masks (if you want to be a Vizor) hope you enjoy what i have atm :D.


Reasons: It will send you to the soul society but nothing will load.If you do that then there is no fix. Either delete your world or wait A REAAAALLLLY LONG TIME!!!(if it even works that is)

You have been warned

A better way is to make a portal frame out of the new Paper Block and then type "/give [Playername] test:soulsociety_trigger" this will give you a red line. Right click on the paper block portal frame and it will open up a portal to the soul society




Unfortunatly i have gotten a new pc and i could not recover the bleach mod so this mod is basically dead now. Sorry. :C

Modification files
  • -Version 1.0.1


+Biome For Soul Society (soul reapers will spawn there and there hostile)

+Soul Reaper (he drops a letter that will give you a Zanpakuto)

+Paper Block (new portal frame)

+New name for the trigger! can be found in the "tools" section

  • What might be added later on:


-Clothing(you will get soul reaper clothing after right clicking the Letter)


-The fix for dying and breaking your world

-More Soul Reapers



ya know i could add some bleach to drink that gives you bad effects but thats a maybe considering its an anime mod....

You said you couldn’t recover it, mind if I pick it up and try working on it?