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Hello my ladies and gentlemen my name is chaos I'm here to give you destroyer however you are not ready to kill me even if I can find a way to escape from your evil demise so that you can use your Beautiful power but it's not so far and yet even I know every weakness that you filthy player bird keep finding me if you can even try.


Basic on this element of this mod I try myself my best however I can make it only I'm still learning how to control everything but you can see down the below the list of the elements of the Mods so that you can know this what kind of mod you waiting however I try my best with the procedure so that you can understand and please if you have any other information or helping you can contact me


Versions chaos world version 1.4.1




Choas World

choas block EX
blood ore hardness 2
emerald blood block hardness 2
demon ore hardness 2
broke obsidian hardness 3 ( don't stay on it it hurts 
crystal obsidian block  hardness 3
sweeping gress hardness 0.31 ( don't stay on it hurt
dark wither stone hardness 2
chocolate stone hardness 2
chocolate cobblesstone hardness 2
chocolate brickstone hardness 2
cobblesstone super ore coal hardness 3
Red smooth diorite hardness 3
red Diorite hardness 3
red Polished Diorite hardness 3
Red slime Diorite hardness 3 
berries plants hardness 2
magic bamboo 
magic bookshelf hardness 2
demon dirt hardness 2
spirt leaves hardness 1
demon oak hardness 2
spirt seed 
slowly cobblestone hardness 3
holy ore
magic block ( it can help you hardness 2
rain flower ( it let you rain 
poison rain flower ( it let you rain but also it is poison 
shock end stone hardness 3
demon star ore hardness 3
demon light ( hardness 1
poison ender ( hardness 4
glitch dirt ( hardness 2
glitch gress ( hardness 2
glitch log ( hardness 2
pixel leaves ( hardness 1 
glitch seed ( hardness 1 
void smoke ( hardness 6
poison flame ( hardness 3 ( if click on it give you something like lucky block 
flame crystal ore ( hardness 3 
flame crystal block ( hardness 3
flame slime block ( hardness 2 

Choas items EX
emerald blood
demon crystal
nugget obsidian
crystal obsidian
super coal 
magice bamboo dust
magic letter 
crystal holy 
demon star 
flame crystal 

Choas tools EX
blood sword ( how long take broke 600 
blood shovel ( how long take broke 595 hardness break 3
blood pickaxe ( how long take break 605 hardness break 3
blood hoe ( how long break take 580 
blood axe ( how long break tak 610 hardness break 3 
crystal obsidian sword ( how long break 800
crystal obsidian shovel ( how long break 790 hardness break 3
crystal obsidian pickaxe ( how long break 785 hardness break 3
crystal obsidian hoe ( how long break 760
crystal obsidian axe ( how long break 810 hardness break 3
crystal holy sword ( how long break 1200 
crystal holy shovel ( how long break 1190 hardness break 3
crystal holy pickaxe ( how long break 1210 hardness break 3
crystal holy hoe ( how long break 1185 
crystal holy axe ( how long break 1220 hardness break 3 
demon star sword ( how long break 1400
demon star shovel ( how long break 1390 hardness break 4 
demon star pickaxe ( how long break 1420 hardness break 4
demon star hoe ( how long break 1350 
demon star axe ( how long break 1430 hardness break 4 
crystal flame sword ( how long break 1702 
crystal flame shovel ( how long break 1698 hardness break 4
crystal flame pickaxe ( how long break 1704 hardness break 4 
crystal flame hoe ( how long 1696 
crystal flame axe ( how long 1708 hardness break 4

Choas armors EX 
emerald blood armor (hold back hurt 2
crystal obsidian armor (hold back hurt 3
crystal holy armor ( hold back hurt 4 
demon star armor ( hold back hurt 4 
crystal flame armor ( hold back hurt 4

chaos foods EX
wired bread 
cook egg 
holy demon nuts 
holy nuts
soul eat 
night eye candy 
slime Lollipop
flame slime

spirtforest ( also look out there is strong mod in the biome 
glitch biome ( also look out there is strong mod in the biome 

slowly water

gum hp 50
sleder man hp 100 ( don't get close it make you weak 
one eye hp 125 ( don't get close 
soul eater 145( don't get close 
glitch stave hp 215 


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Nice mod :)
You should clean up the description a bit