Spider Infected Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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the mod adds spiders infected mobs All mobs have the ability to infect other uninfected mobs e.g. he adds Spider Infecten pig and cow
there are also wolf,zombie variants there is also an infected spider infected the other spider if you like it then write me in the comments and also write me your ideas and wish pure fun

Modification files
Spider Infected Beta1.12.2.jar - Spider Infected beta1.12.248.29 KB
Spider Infected Update to 1.15.2_0.jar - Spider Update to KB

-update to version 1.15.2

-added Spider Infected Wolf

-added Spider Infected Cow

-added New Spider Infected pig

-added New Infected Spider Texture

-all infected mobs can now infect mobs