Enhanced Gold Mod (beta 4, both Mac + Windows)

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A mod that includes an enhanced version of gold. This is only a beta, and I will keep updating! So far there are a few mobs made of gold, a biome, a set of armor, tools, and a sword. Future updates will include more mobs (maybe new types) and more items! I simplified the images of the items and blocks so it's easier to see! Sadly, I could not put the armor on the armor stands bc it kept crashing in testing. I hope the armor is fine! Now, feel free to check my mod out!

Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Gold Mod Beta 4.zip - For any of you Windows players out there :)270.09 KB
Gold Mod Beta 4.jar - For the Mac players :)258.67 KB
GoldModBeta3.jar - This is an earlier version! 201.96 KB
Gold Mod beta 2_0.jar - This is an earlier version! 178.38 KB


-Gold Wood fence

-Gold Wood slab

-Gold Wood stairs

-Gold Wood Stick (for the fence specifically)


-The spawning locations of my mobs