Endercreeper997's Automaton Mod

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This mod adds a few new mobs that spawn in special biomes. Each Automaton drops each type of ore, except coal. (who need coal right?) This also adds a small chicken creature called a Mjulemyoo. They are very rare and extremely fast and drop Mjulemite. Mjulemite is used in an op bow and bazooka (warning: bazooka will destroy blocks and bow will set things on fire.) a sword and a cool multitool pick. These can be used to help defeat the Automatons, because they are very overpowered. This would be a good mod to use with other ones. (hopefully it is compatible with them.) A link to my youtube for a mod showcase to explain recipes and stuff: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFSge5_rE5fxVAdzxX3fyA?


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Nice mod, but you could improve the textures. Just make them have the same resolution of vanilla ones

nah, the textures are fine. they are supposed to be kind of distorted

how did you make the textures not messed up?