Halo MC Flooded

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The flood from Halo have now invaded Minecraft. The flood will work tirelessly to infect the entire minecraft world; first the animals, then the mobs, and even the very blocks that your house is made of. You are the only being powerful enough to stop this mounting threat.


Mod Details:

Flood blocks spread to other blocks

If a flood mob kills another mob more flood mobs spawn

Only infection forms naturally spawn 



Infection form, Flood cow, Flood pig, Flood villager, Flood spider, Flood zombie, Flood skeleton, Flood creeper


Future Plans:

A discoverable cure to the flood

An infection system which effects the players

A keymind dimension where you fight an endgame boss

And a weapon system involving the flood like flamethrowers and other useful halo weapons against the flood.



But if you are interested if finding a halo flood mod i am reworking this one with my own code this time,

and i will soon send a url to my new halo flood mod 

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HaloMC Flooded.jar - Halo MC Flooded 0.1.0131.32 KB
HaloMC Flooded_0.jar - Halo MC Flooded 0.1.1130.88 KB

v 0.1.1

Removed the chicken because of a few animation bugs

Infection forms no longer attack flood creepers and flood creepers no longer explode

Flood skeletons now hold biomass in their hands indicating that they are ranged

Flood biomass blocks now spawn in the surface infecting everything in there way


Love Halo so, love it :P, but can you make, when a "nether portal" is touched, it transform into a "flood portal" so it create a "Flood dimension" :D

Can you do more infected things? Also flood growths? And more diverse biomass?

Thank you everyone for your input but out of frustration with mcreator I am moving to coding it myself so it will take more time but the end product will be better and i will inform you all when I release v1.0 of the new mod