Published by VaatiYT on Fri, 11/15/2019 - 21:57
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Hello! This mod is called CubePhone. This mod was made using the MCreator 2019.5 EAP Snapshot, this mod is built for 1.14.4! It adds a working phone into MInecraft. Some of it's current features are the creative tab, the phone itself, and a GUI.


This mod is outdated, broken, and isn't worth downloading to be honest. So don't. I made this one morning because I was out of ideas for my primary mod, Mandy's Ice Cream Mod. I don't plan to update this anymore, so don't expect there to be any updates besides stuff to keep the mod from being removed off this site.

Modification files
Logo1.0.0 - CubePhone.jar - CubePhone KB

1.0.0 - 11/15/2019


I recommend uploading more photos, I'm intrigued by the mod but would like to see it.

yeah, definitely improve the description if you want to work on it. i assume you might not, since you're mainly working on ICM.