The Effects Specialist

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How Crafty are You?

The Effects Specialist is a small and simple mod used to add fun and extra creativity to your worlds.

The included items are: Smoke Machines (7 types), Confetti Spewers, Collapsing Blocks, Candles, Fake Air, Cloud Blocks, Spring Boards, Boost Pads, Firework Launchers, Toy Hammers, and 3 new keybinds that can be used to quick chat with players in a multiplayer server.

For recipes, use the Just Enough Items Mod (JEI), you can find this mod on CurseForge if you don't already have it.

That's it! No, seriously, the mod is that small. I'll see you in the next mod!

Modification files
TheEffectsSpecialist(v1).jar - Time to Get Crafty!226.08 KB

V1 - Mod released, hopefully finds a good home in the mods folder...