The Ultimate Life's Resource

Published by OhBoyDuck on Thu, 01/09/2020 - 04:19
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The ''T.U.L.R (The Ultimate Life's Resource)'' is a parody of a parody mod ''Avaritia'' but without the crazy crafting & lite

Note:This is my first ever mod i created, i hope you guys like it

Here my new Mod:

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Modification files
The Ultimate Life's Resource Mod_0.jar - This is the 0.8 version294.3 KB
The Ultimate Life's Resource Mod.jar - This is the 0.7 version246.34 KB
TULR Mod_0.jar - This is the 0.6 version182.29 KB
TULR Mod.jar - This is the 0.5 version, so expect some errors153.38 KB

0.8 - Just A new Reseale
0.7 - Some New Items and Fix 
0.6 - Some Things Fixed