The Bohem

Published by NikG on Fri, 01/17/2020 - 15:24
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Hi there!

This mod gives you opportunity to explore 3 new dimensions: The Divine, The Void and The Bohem.

I'll start from the Divine

For entering Divine you need to be over 500 blocks above the End.

You can do this by flying on elytra or by using stuff from this mod.

The Divine is End-like generated dimension with 2 biomes: Divine Plains and Infected Plains

Infected Plains is dangerous place so I recomend you to have respiration enchantment on your helmet.

In the Divine you can find Giungnite. Use it for tools and plates.

 Now let's talk about mobs in the Divine

1. Flying pig. Peaceful mob. 15HP. Spawns in Divine Plains. Drops Levipork and Pig Feather.

2. Divine Creeper. Agressive mob. 30HP. Explodes when someone touch him. Drops Divine Gunpowder

3. Diviner. Half-boss. 100HP. Drops Divine Crystal.

Divine Crystal. 7HP damage. Can shoot. 5HP range damage. Gives levitation to enemies when bullet hits them.

4. Infection. Agressive mob. 20HP. Slime-like mob. Drops Infected Slime.

5. Infected pig. Passive mob. 15HP.  Spawns in Infected Plains. Drops Infected Slime.

6. Mimic. Half-boss. 100HP. Drops Nightmare Staff, Rotten Saber, Mimic Tooth, Eaten Spell Book.

Nightmare Staff. Range Weapon. 6HP damage. Burns enemies and gains extra damage if enemy has any armor.

Rotten Saber. Close weapon. 11HP damage. Burns enemies and gains extra damage if enemy has any armor.

Mimic Tooth. Gives you extra strengh and extra hunger if in second hand.

Eaten Spell Book. Range Weapon. 6,5HP damage. Slows enemies.

 Boss of  the Divine - Mimic King.

300HP. Has 2 phases.

First phase - standart. Second phase (less then 150HP) - become invisible, faster and stronger.

Drops Mimic King Crown.

When you killed Mimic King it's time for the End. You need to farm Shulkers and get their pearls. Then melt them in furnace and craft Pearl Cage and Pearl Conductor.

When you crafted it you need to go to Overworld and mine to the bedrock. Craft a Enderinium Gem and place it in the Pearl Cage. Then place Pearl Cage with Enderinium Gem on the bedrock and placePearl Conductor above it (Pearl Conductor must see the sky). Right click on the Pearl Cage and bedrock under it will be broken. Repeat these actions until you see the void. 

Before jump in the void I recomend you to craft Homecoming Potion.

When you've jumped in the void be ready for catching. Right click with the Nether Star and you'll get Void Orb. Until you'll die you need to drink Homecoming Potion. Repeat this until you'll get 4 Void Orbs.

With this orbs and Mimic King Crown you must craft Void Crown. It will block all damage from the Void.

My recomendation: make a lot of Night Vision Potions and use elytra when you go to the Void.

The Void.

In the Void you need to farm a lot of mobs to get Void Shards. Combine them with Void Orb to craft Void Gem. 

Use it to craft Void Armor and tools.

Mobs of the Void:

1. Traveler. Agressive mob. 50HP. Drops Void Shard.

2. Void Eater. Agressive mob. 15HP. Drops Void Shard.

3. Voider. Agressive mob. 50HP. Drops Void Shard.

Find Sword in the Stone and summon Fallen Hero.

Boss of the Void - Fallen Hero

500HP. Has 3 phases.

First phase - standart. Second phase - become glowing and stronger. Third phase - become invisible and faster.

Drops Lost Sword and Magic Mirror .

Lost Sword can be used for Edge of Light

Edge of Light. 15HP damage. Can shoot. 9HP range damage. Strike lightning when hit enemy with bullet.

With Giungnite Baloone, Eaten Spell Book and Magic Mirror you need to craft Diary of Traveler.

Diary of Traveler is ultimate portal. With it you can enter the Bohem.

There are a lot of interesting things in the Bohem so you need to explore it by yourself.

For recipes use JEI or NEI

Modification files
thebohem_1.0.0_1.14.4.jar - Release 1.14.4 1.0.01011.1 KB
thebohem_1.0.1_1.14.4.jar - One-day patch996.29 KB
thebohem_1.1.0_1.14.4.jar - Release 1.14.4 1.1.0 "Advancements update"2.06 MB

One-day patch:

deleted Enderruner

deleted Thundeer

improved Enderman Blood and Crystalized Enderman blood texture


Rosire armor, tools

Divine grass

Infected grass

Bohem grass

Infected jellyfish

Jelly armor



Cool mod, I like the infected plains :D
Some pictures about the mobs would also be great :)

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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