Outer Space Exploration

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This a mod which adds Outer Space and the Moon. There's 46 mod elements. There's 2 mobs, a boss, a new material, a special weapon, a dimension, and 4 advancements.
I made this mod with intentions of realism, and I know netherite is already better than diamond. This mineral is better than netherite.
When you go into space, you get Jump Boost and Slow Falling, as moon gravity. Make a Void Summoner and summon the Monster Of Space, AKA the Void Beast.
I added a feature where the Void Beast starts with 1HP and uses regeneration 255 to heal all the way to full, giving the player around 40 seconds where they can't attack it.

Modification files
OuterSpaceExplorers1.0.zip - The first version of the mod.297.87 KB
outerspaceexplorers1.1.zip - 1.1's snapshot 1.308.45 KB

-Added Space
-Added Void Spiders and Void Ghasts
-added the Void Beast and a way to summon him
-Added 4 advancements
-Added Moon Gear
-Added Moon Stone
-Added the Lava Totem
-added the Void Star and Space Staff
-Added the Void Summoner
1.1 Snapshot
-The Void Beast now spawns with 1HP out of 250 and begins rapidly healing until he reaches full health
-a special chestplate giving you fire resistance was added

Dude this mod is awesome! This has added so much content to my survival world and made my journey so much more entertaining. Going to the moon is amazing! Anyways I would just like to suggest adding some other planets with stronger and bigger mobs. Anyways, nice mod!

Woah, that's a good review! I never thought it was TOO good... *cries*
Anyway, I am thinking of making updates and adding some new planets/biomes! The next idea for a new planet would be a fiery biome, with lots of gold in it.