The Final Lands

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You have conquered the challenges of the Overworld. You have survived the perilous Nether and its fiery larva lakes and treacherous fortresses. You have even located a stronghold, travelled to the End and defeated screaming ender men and the mystic ender dragon. But you have one more challenge.

Welcome to the Final Lands, my friend. 

Another danger-filled dimension to test your adventuring prowess to the limit. Step carefully for peril is around every corner. But if you can survive this challenge then you can call yourself a warrior of the finest order. Are you ready?

To get there, you will need to make a portal out of end stone blocks and light it with an Ender Wand. There are three biomes, the fungi forest, the shadow plains and the crimson jungle. Each have their own mobs, blocks, items, plants and enchantments.

The mod includes:

  • 1 new dimension
  • 3 new biomes
  • 11 new blocks
  • 7 new items
  • 2 new tool sets (plus an additional tool for lighting the portal)
  • 1 new armor set
  • 2 new ores
  • 1 new ranged weapon
  • 1 new enchantment
  • 5 new mobs
  • 3 new plants

For full information and all the recipes, check out this forum page where I have put full details on the mod. You can also say whatever ideas you have for it or any bugs that you find.



New biome, mobs and structure! 

Candy Cane Forest:

The Candy Cane Forest

The Gingerbread House:

The Gingerbread House

Inside the Gingerbread House


Gingerbread Man Boss:

The Gingerbread Man Boss


Summon it by right-clicking on a gingerbread spawner block.

Plus elves that give you the 'Christmas Spirit' effect - gaining you XP (credit to Creeper999 for that idea), and a new ranged weapon, the rolling pin, which fires gingerbread men (the food). This weapon is only obtained by killing the Gingerbread Man Boss. There's also a new block: a present which allows you to carry stuff around, similar to a shulker box.

Also wanted to mention that you don't need any ammunition for the rolling pin. It fires gingerbread men but you don't actually need them in your inventory.




This is quite a small update, just improving two textures: the Mushwheat block and the Nightshade Bee mob. The new Mushwheat texture looks like this:

Updated Mushwheat Texture

The new Nightshade Bee texture looks like this:

Updated Nightshade Bee Texture

It also now uses the Vanilla Minecraft bee model.


Additional Screenshots:

The Candy Cane Forest

The Fungi Forest

The Candy Cane Forest

The Crimson Jungle

The Crimson Jungle

The Fungi Forest

The Shadow Plains

The Shadow Plains

The Fungi Forest


Please comment any ideas you have for future updates in the comments - I really want to implement others' ideas into this mod!

Also, since I'm running out of space to upload the mod files because of small updates, these small updates will replace the original big update (e.g. 2.1 would replace 2.0).



Though the Final Lands may be full of peril and danger, they can be very rewarding so put on your armor, pack your diamond pickaxe and sword, and step through the portal...

Please tell me about any bugs you find or if you have ideas for the next update. This is a work in progress so more coming soon!

Modification files
thefinallands.jarUploaded on: 12/05/2020 - 07:34   File size: 324.79 KB
thefinallands1.1_1.jarUploaded on: 12/23/2020 - 17:57   File size: 435.58 KB
thefinallands1.2.jarUploaded on: 12/24/2020 - 13:09   File size: 435.57 KB
thefinallands2.0.jarUploaded on: 01/01/2021 - 10:48   File size: 440.92 KB

7th January 2021



1st January 2021

Update 2.0

  • Updated the Mushwheat texture
  • Updated the Nightshade Bee texture


24th December 2020



Update 1.2

  • [Bugfix] A crimson panda's bounding box is smaller so the player no longer appears to float above it when riding it


23rd December 2020



Update 1.1

  • [Bugfix] Nightshade bees now poison the player instead of themselves upon contact
  • Added everything into a new inventory tab


21st December 2020

Update 1.0

  • Added Candy Cane block
  • Added Candy Cane leaves
  • Added Gingerbread block
  • Added Present block
  • Added Gingerbread Spawner block
  • Added Candy Canes
  • Added Gingerbread men
  • Added Christmas Spirit effect
  • Added the Rolling Pin
  • Added Elves
  • Added the Gingerbread Boss



5th December 2020



Make sure to comment if you liked the mod or say what you think I could improve and/or add. Enjoy the mod!

I hope you like the new update! It's all Christmas themed and mainly revolves around gingerbread and candy canes!

i think the mod is pretty cool i suggest editing the candy cane block texture moving one of the stripes over a bit so that it links with other candy cane blocks.