A hole through to subspace

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This mod is in alpha and its not very much yet if there is any suggestions feel free to let me know i am open criticism so that is fine but there is around 200 elements though that does not mean that there is 200 items but its still pretty cool and the custom models were made with Mr.crayfishes model creator.This is a mod about subspace there is everything from custom generated ores to flamethrowers and Energy blasters and a new boss called the wither Prowler which is insanely fast. there is also a hyper creeper and if you see one you'd better run. there is 4 new ores each one incredibly unique with different uses but be careful some of them reside deep within the nether. to build the portal to the new dimension you will 10 stone bricks and the igniter(Not currently available without cheats) and that will bring you there.

Modification files
A hole through to subspace_0.jar - First version4.44 MB
A hole through to subspace V2.jar - Weapons N food update4.63 MB

Added nearly 120 elements



added a few things and some bug fixes



Adding a HUGE new feature bronzing

Can you please describe what the mod is? I would like to know before I download it and try it out.

If you have recently downloaded the second version of this mod it has probably not worked but i have fixed it