Golden souls

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Golden Souls is a random mod i decided to start making after getting inspired by SystemZee's videos. So me, and BunnyLord_123 were brainstorming ideas and coding them, this is still a very early beta and bearly any stuff added, right now we focused on end stuff, most of this is me testing my modling skill but its still a decent mod. right now, its in beta 1.1.0

Modification files
GoldenSouls1.1.0Beta.jar - BETA 1.1.0129.67 KB
golden souls BETA 1.0.1.jar - BETA KB

BETA 1.0

-added onyx

-added onyx ore

-added Endflinger

-added moonstone

-added moonstaff

BETA 1.0.1

-remodeled Endflinger

-fixed mispelling of Moonstaff

-added recipe for Moonstaff

-made endflingers be aggresive insted of nutural

-made endflingers drop Moonstone insted of onyx

-Endflingers will now rarely move (keep an eye out)

BETA 1.1.0

-added Outer Endstone

-added Outer end

-added corrupt nylium

-added corrupt roots

-added corrup stalks

-added moonstone and onyx blocks

-added endstaff (temp looking like moonstone till I figure out how to apply models to portal starters)