Minecraft: Journey's End

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Inspired by: Terraria's last update (Terraria: Journey's End)

Platform used: MCreator (duh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  )


Let me know about bugs in the comments!



Version 1.0: The Journey's Beginning

First version! More will come in the future!

+Poison! Doesn't spawn yet!

+Thick ice! Very slippery!

+Rubies and ruby ore! Shiny!

+Melting rubies! Plays weird music?!

+2 new music discs! Circuitbreaker and Sleepy!

+Shadows! Spawn in the new Void dimension and will attack you!

+Baby ghasts! Passive and can be ridden!

+Void dimension! The third new dimension! This is where you can find chrome! The portal is built with gold and ignited with a dry baby ghast tear!

+Chrome dust and ore! You can find this in the Void! The dust can be used to craft music discs with a dye, emerald, or cactus!

+Baby ghast tears! Can be dried and used to ignite the voice portal which is made of gold blocks!

+Ore trackers! Use this very expensive item to get any ore in the game with just the click of a button in a GUI! (including ores I added and excluding any other modded ores)

+Iron ladders! They don't require a supporting block behind them!


Version 2.0: The Mob Update

+Soul apples! When eaten, they allow you to fly!

+Potions of flying! They also allow you to fly!

+3 new quartz hut structures for the new void dimension! One with a flower pot that has a wither rose in it! Another with an unfinished wither! The final (and rarest) with a blue apple in an item frame!

+Ducks! They spawn in rivers and swamps! They drop raw duck! They are bred with bread!

+Raw Duck! Raw version of the duck food, but gives you hunger and nausea.

+Cooked Duck! Cooked version of the duck food, can be fed to dogs!

+Roses! They are old! The texture was updated a bit! A new flower!

+Chrome blocks! They are made of 9 chrome dust in a crafting table and can be used as a beacon base! No further usage yet!

+Poison spawns as the liquid in the void dimension! Be careful, this stuff is hard to see! Items even dissolve in it now!

+Chrome ore now generates in groups of 8 in 2x2 blocks! But in air! Not buried in ground!

*Fixed the bug where shadows wouldn't attack you!

*Fixed the void generation!

*Fixed chrome ore generating VERY often!


Version 3.0: The Ore Update

+Ruby Stuff! Armor, etc.

+Ruby Blocks! Used to power beacons!

+Barnacle Blocks! Found in the new Barnacle Beaches!

+3 new ores! Amethyst, Copper, and Nether Diamond!

+Diamond Shards! Used to craft diamonds and dropped from Nether Diamond Ore!

+Clubs! New weapon that can be made of bones, wood, or stone! Pretty powerful!

+Barnacle Beaches! Sand covered by Barnacles!

+Spears! Crafted with Amethyst!

+Redstone Spikes! Crafted with Copper and used to kill mobs! Great for making automatic mob farms! Doesn't kill items or the player!

+Ice Cubes! Used to make Icy Water Bottles!

+Icy Water Bottles! Used to heal hunger!

+Wither Bones! No usage at the moment and will have a block variant soon! Can be crafted with 1 Bone and 1 Chrome Dust!

+Undead Miners! Drops useful items! Iron Pickaxes, Miner Helmets, etc.

+Miner Helmets! Let you see in the dark when you wear them!

+Ruby swords! Most powerful sword!

+Enderdance Music Disc! Groovy new song!

-Unfortunately the most iconic mob of this mod had to leave... the gradle said that there was something wrong with it and when I tried recreating it, it would still say something was wrong with it.

*Updated forge version to 1.15.2 from 1.14.4!

*Fixed bugs!


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