Dimension Shift Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hi guys, This is my third mod made by MCreator. If you ask what happened to first and second, In first one had some bugs so I didn't upload as a modification. For second one it was about custom trading, but I couldn't saw any answers for this mod. So I started to upload modification from third one.

I saw a YouTube video about a texture pack that switches Nether to Overworld, End to Nether and Overworld to End.

I also saw a YouTube video about another texture pack that switches Overworld and Nether places.

I thought I can make this mod version. But in this mod all changes are avaiable.

  • Overworld to Nether
  • Overworld to End
  • Nether to End
  • Nether to Overworld
  • End to Nether
  • End to Overworld

You can see these with these images. I used all image chances for the dimensions.

This mod also adds End Trees and Golden apple blocks. Yes I couldn't find "end" in the biomes list, so I created new one. You can't use purple woods and turn the golden apple block to the golden apples directly. But they aren't just useless. There is a crafting recipe that can create golden apple without using gold and apple.

End Wood End Wood End Wood
End Wood Golden apple block End Wood
End Wood End Wood End Wood

All dimension portals are like Nether Portal:

  • Portal block: Dirt, Igniter: OverworldToNether (Green -> Red)
  • Portal block: Netherrack, Igniter: NetherToOverworld (Red -> Green)
  • Portal block: Cobblestone, Igniter: OverworldToEnd (Green -> Yellow)
  • Portal block: Quarz Block, Igniter: NetherToEnd (Red -> Yellow)
  • Portal block: End Stone, Igniter: EndToNether (Yellow -> Red)
  • Portal block: Purpur Block, Igniter: EndToOverworld (Yellow -> Green)

Igniter crafting/smelting recipes:

  • NetherToOverworld: Smelting, Flind and Steel
  • OverworldToNether:Crafting
        -                   -         -
        - NetherToOverworld Glass
        -                  -        -


  • OverworldToEnd: Smelting, Eye of Ender

  • NetherToEnd: Crafting,

    Red Wool                                - Yellow Wool
    Red Wool NetherToOverworld Yellow Wool
    Red Wool                               - Yellow Wool
  • EndToNether: Crafting,
                  -                           -                     -
                 - NetherToEnd Glass
                   -                           -                     -
  • EndToOverworld: Crafting,
                    -                     -                     -
                    - OverworldToEnd Glass
                    -                     -                     -

Please rate my mod. Thank you for reading this and testing my third mod. If I stole some ideas I'm sorry.

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