Published by igor2 on Sat, 02/01/2014 - 15:13
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Hi!You wish adventures?NOW ITS POSSIBLE WITH MinerRPGCraft!


Version 1.0:Added:





-And other!

P.S-Don't scold me, it's my first mod


Modification files

In future version, 1.1,I delete Strange Man and add Freezerator,fix bug with texture of Nether Furance.

We and my freind, Sasha, plans update on 8th February.

This was an interesting mod, but I'd like to know how to get into the new dimension. Wait, is there actually a new dimension? There was those portal frame blocks but the biggest problem is that I don't understand what most of the items are for. I do like those Fire Creepers-- all-though they are a bit op.

Good fortune unto you

Domithum Portal Frame in version 1.1 be a renamed to Domithummit.

1.1:Added Freezerator,Doldomit Ore,Lemon,Rupium Armor,Rupium Tools, Domithummit Armor,Domithumm Tools.

1.1:New Biomes: Freezelands, Very cold Freezelands, Death Desert.

1.1:New mobs:Scorpion, Yeti, Freeze, Devil, Desert Ghast, Zeluk and Reduk,Duet of End.

Inivician!I have got VERY good news!When I create dimesion, game don't crushed!

You have a dimension i saw. But i don't can enter this. The Block name is: Bla Portal Frame
Bla is a word for: I don't know what the block name. What's the igniter?

Sorry, its error in name this block.It is Domitummit.

I create in 1.1 2 new dimesions-Freezelads and Audum.