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Ant Dungeons 1.2 - Mate & Infect Update


Ant Dungeons brings to Minecraft three ant species with various castes/variants along with new biomes, where you can exclusively find them.

Available for Minecraft 1.14.4.


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The Species:

(Note: None of these are actual ant species, though I took inspiration on the behaviors of different real-life ant species).


Black Ants - Myrmetallartis Myrmetallartis


Red Ants - Myrmetallartis Anydra


Green Ants - Myrmetallartis Dendrologica


The Castes:


  • Drops: Seeds (20%), Melon Seeds (20%), Sweet Berries (20%), Stick (20%), Apple (19%), Golden Apple (1%).
  • Health: 12 HP.
  • Description: Scout Ants are the only caste that will not spawn in the new ant biomes. They are aggressive towards players and spiders. These ants also have a chance of spawning with a Zombie, Husk or Drowned riding them.
  • Spawn: Plains, Mountains, Wooded Hills, Jungle, Roofed Forest, Wooded Mountains (Black variant); Desert, Desert Hills, Jungle, Savanna, Badlands (Red Variant); Swamp, Jungle, Roofed Forest, Bamboo Jungle (Green Variant).





  • Drops: Drop of Resin (100%), Flint (50%), Stick (50%).
  • Health: 12 HP.
  • Description: Although weak, Worker Ants are numerous, and will tend to stick together to attack players.




  • Drops: Drop of Resin (100%), Iron Nugget (60%), Gold Nugget (38%), Diamond (2%).
  • Health: 16 HP.
  • Description: Majors, or Soldier Ants, can be identified because of their big head. They have better drops and are stronger than Workers.




  • Drops: Drop of Resin (100%).
  • Health: 12 HP.
  • Description: Nurses have the duty of taking care of ant eggs. They can be somewhat clumsy and drop the egg they're holding, though!





  • Drops: Broken Ant Wing (100%), 1-2 Ant Sperm Cells (10%).
  • Health: 12 HP.
  • Description: Drones, or Male Ants, are flying mobs that will usually be passive towards the player. However, if they get too close, they might attack you and inflict the Languidness effect for a short amount of time.




  • Drops: Broken Ant Wing (100%), 1-2 Ant Pheromones (10%).
  • Health: 100 HP.
  • Description: The tank Alate Gynes are an unusual type of ant that will wait until the Nuptial Flight season to mate with Drones. Once the Alate Gyne is impregnated, it will wander around for some time before ripping her wings off and digging an underground chamber for herself.




  • Drops: 1-3 Trophic Eggs (100%).
  • Health: 300 HP.
  • Description: Queen Ants, or Gynes, are rare mini-bosses found only in their special chambers underground. Their distinctive sound can help you locate them! Gyne Ants periodically lay eggs that will grow to become adult ants.





  • Can be found either in Nursery Chambers, placed by Nurses or laid by Gynes.
  • They will go through 3 growth stages (Egg, Larva and Pupa) before becoming adult ants. During these 3 stages, they will be invincible.
  • Ant Eggs can become Workers, Soldiers, Drones or Alate Gynes in adult form.
  • Gyne Ants will sometimes lay Trophic Eggs along with normal ones, which you can kill and eat to gain the Tenacity effect for 3 minutes.


The Biomes:


Home of the Black Ants, it can be identified with giant trees and mushrooms covering its surface.



Completely covered in red sand, it is inhabited by the Red Ants.



The rarest biome of the three. Green Ants have made this jungle their home, establishing some of their chambers in trees instead of underground.



The underground of the Ant Forest and the Ant Desert biomes will contain Nursery and Gyne Chambers, while these chambers will generate in trees in the Ant Jungle biome. A new block is also generated in the underground of all three biomes: Resin! 


Resin and Amber:

(Disclaimer: The blocks that are presented here are heavily based on Josjosh34’s ideas for ant dungeons in the Minecraft Forums Suggestions. Although the textures may look similar, they are completely made by me. You can check out his suggestion thread over at…)



  • Soft Resin Block: It is generated in clusters in the underground of the new biomes. It has gravity, can slow you down like a cobweb and hardens after a while if placed by a player in a dry place. Ants like to hang around resin a lot... perhaps because of its healing abilities?
  • Hardened Resin: Found rarely in Soft Resin clusters or more commonly when a player places resin, it can be cooked to get Amber.
  • Amber Blocks, Bricks, and Variants: Purely decorative blocks with which you can enhance your builds! You can craft Stairs, Slabs, Walls, Chiseled Amber Bricks and Amber Lamps. Cracked amber bricks can be obtained from destroyed Fertility Shrines.


Nuptial Flight Season



Love has come to Ant Dungeons 2.0! In order to cause a Nuptial Flight, you must craft a Fertility Beacon and build a totem-like structure with it, putting a chiseled amber block below and one on top of it. Right click the Beacon and the season will have begun! It consists of two stages, each lasting a complete Minecraft day:

  • Prelude: Once the Beacon has been activated, a Shrine will materialize around it, and a thunderstorm will start. This will help with the spawning of Drones and Alate Gynes. The storm itself might not last for the whole day, but the stage will nonetheless end as soon as the cycle is completed.
  • Mating: All Drones and Alate Gynes will gradually enter their mating mode and start flying around to search for one another. In this stage, they will be passive towards the player and become immune to their attacks. Once a Gyne has mated, it will fall to the ground and search for a proper place to bury herself. You can detect a mated Gyne by a slight change in her wings.


Fertility Beacon Recipe.


Beacon setup.

Ant's Worst Nightmare: Cordyceps



Just like you have to deal with Zombies and undead monsters, ants have to deal with the dreaded Cordyceps fungus. Ants have a slight chance of spawning naturally with Cordyceps, and you can identify when an ant has the fungus if it emmits light yellow potion particles and walks slower than the other ants. Only Gynes are immune to Cordyceps.


If you get distracted, this fungus will kill the ant and use its body to emerge to the surface. Once the Cordyceps has done this, it will be difficult to get rid of it, and it will become a dangerous hazard for the ants and for you as well! However, if you find a way to farm this fungus safely with your axe, it might make your traveling through the Ant Biomes easier.


The Items:

  • Drop of Resin: Used to craft Soft Resin blocks and Spectral Arrows.


  • Broken Ant Wing: Instead of feathers, you can also use these wings to craft normal Arrows.


  • Ant Wing: Only dropped with a 30% chance by a mated Alate Gyne when she builds her chamber. Combined with a Phantom Membrane, you can craft an Elytra with two of these!


  • Trophic Egg: Dropped by Gynes and Trophic Eggs themselves, they might be a poor source of food, but can help you to navigate more easily through the underground.


  • Ant Pheromones: Rarely dropped by Alate Gynes, it can be used to craft Fertility Beacons and to lure in mating Drones.


  • Ant Sperm Cells: The counterpart of Ant Pheromones, dropped by Drones. They are used to craft Fertility Beacons and to lure in mating Gynes.


  • Cordyceps Fungus: It is said that you can consume this fungus to protect yourself from certain effects caused by ants.


  • Cordyceps Spore: Obtained from the host ant's corpse below the fungus. By hitting an ant with this, you will implant the zombifying fungus into it.



The Potion Effects:


  • Tenacity: A buff you can gain by eating Trophic Eggs. It gives you short flashes of Regeneration when standing inside Soft Resin, and negates the cobweb-like effect that this block normally gives you. It can also protect you from the effects of Cordyceps.


  • Languidness: A debuff inflicted by Ant Drones. It gives you weakness and inflicts damage when standing inside Soft Resin. It completely clears the Tenacity buff as well.


  • Cordyceps Infection: This debuff will quickly consume your health, and periodically give you short flashes of blindness and slowness. Don't touch or mine Cordyceps without proper protection, or you might get this!


  • Fungus Ward: Gained by eating Cordyceps Fungus, this buff negates all effects of Languidness while active.


  • Nuptial Flight: This effect makes Alate Gynes and Drones to go into their mating mode, while it also serves like a timer to know how much time is left until mating season is over. Once that happens, all Alate Gynes and Drones that are still in mating mode will die. 

And that's it! If there’s any other ant caste and/or race that you guys think that could enhance this mod, please tell me! I appreciate all comments and suggestions.


Modification files
Ant Dungeons 1.2.0_0.jar - Download the jar file for the mod!Uploaded on: 04/30/2020 - 01:10   File size: 2.24 MB

Version 1.0.0.

  • Added the Ant Forest and Ant Desert biomes.
  • Added Black and Red Ants with the following castes: Scout, Worker, Soldier, Drone, Alate Gyne, and Gyne.
  • Added Ant Eggs, Larvae and Pupae.
  • Added Soft Resin, Hardened Resin, Block of Amber, Amber Lamps, Amber Bricks and its variants (Stairs, Slabs, Walls and Chiseled Bricks).
  • Added Drops of Resin, Broken Ant Wings, Ant Wings, and Trophic Eggs.
  • Added Tenacity and Languidness potion effects.


Version 1.0.1.

  • Added Ant Nurses.
  • Fixed AI for Workers to make them stick around each other more often.


Version 1.2.0.

  • Added the Ant Jungle biome.
  • Added Green Ants with the following castes: Scout, Worker, Soldier, Nurse, Drone, Alate Gyne and Gyne.
  • Added advancements: “Big Damn Ants!”, “Coup d’État”, “Mating Season”, “Birth of a New Ruler”, and “Zombification”.
  • Added items: Ant Pheromones, Ant Sperm Cells, Cordyceps Fungus, and Cordyceps Spore.
  • Added blocks: Cordyceps Infected Ant, Cordyceps, Fertility Beacon and Cracked Amber Bricks.
  • Added effects: Cordyceps Infection, Fungus Ward, and Nuptial Flight.
  • Added Nuptial Flight season with Mating Gynes, Mating Drones and Mated Gynes.

can you please make a 1.20 versoin please me and my friends love keeping ants with queens and we want to do that in minecraft so please i am begging you

A very good representation of ants (I am passionate about these insects)

Wow, awesome mod! How did you get the larvae to transform into ants tho? I've tried to do something similar but i don't know how!

I'm back here again. Just wanted to say that this mod NEEDS MOTW. I mean look at that! There might be more updates and stuff, but let people know that this mod exists and it's good!

I think it would be cool to add Eciton ants, these ants would be changing biomes or places to make an anthill to look for food (they never stay in a place until an ant finds a better place, they always change if it is very difficult to add to the mod I don't know what I could add) this is really amazing :D

I think it would be cool to add Eciton ants, these ants would be changing biomes or places to make an anthill to look for food (they never stay in a place until an ant finds a better place, they always change if it is very difficult to add to the mod I don't know what I could add)

Great mod! Are you planning to update the mod with new content or a port to 1.15.2?