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Adds various blocks, items, armor, tools, weapons, mobs, dimensions, commands and food

Commands are /transfer /rtp /help_books

Dimensions are made in the same formation as the nether portal. ERROR Dimension uses Block of INFINITY, The Void uses coal blocks, Thin World WIP uses leaves, Banned World uses black command blocks, First Overworld uses sponges, Chaos Land is made with The Chaotic Blocks, Rich Man's Land is made with BlackHoles.

It is recommended to use a mod that tells you crafting recipes for items and blocks. I really do recommend it.

I have one main version: 1.15.2 and 2 outdated versions versions: 1.12.2 and 1.14.4

Other Notes: The Errored armor is meant to look that way and some items can be only used when a certain action is done such as shifting or punching or breaking a block, sometimes needing it held and other times not, the Forging Table WILL be remove when the 1.16 version is available

Ranged Weapons: Wand, uses butter, Chaos Wand, uses chaos bullets, Ghast Staff, uses fire charges

Planned Actions: remove forging table, remove some obsolete items/blocks as well as textures, upgrade more textures

Modification files - The links to all the current mod versions, IDK why you would download this, the links are literally in the description214 bytes

1.20: Added Chester: a mob that is a chest? idk. 2 Enchants: Volts: strikes lightning at your opponent, kinda dangerous, Curse of Heaviness: You get slower with every level it is on, I recommend you don't enchant your weapon with that

1.19: removed unused textures, added Chilly Boots; boots that cool everything near them!, Dachshunds no longer spawn naturally

1.18: Updated Main Icon and added a screenshot

1.17: Improved more textures

1.16: Upgraded some textures, removed cutting table, or something along the name do to being obsolete

1.15: Added magic enchanting tables, Upgrade Tables(probably removed when updated to 1.16), Tornados: a "mob" mob that cant be killed and throws entities into the air while damaging them, Made Chaos Spider more chaotic, added tnt yeeters: they do exactly what you might think, throwable tnt, Help books: obtained from the new /help_books command, added Hardcore armor: even better then Chaos Armor! Bug Fixes, like always, moved file downloads(again) from Google Drive to MediaFire

1.14: added crates, a small portable storage unit, pocket blackholes: A GIANT PORTABLE INVENTORY, more lucky block drops, added humans; player like mobs and have 4 different textures, added the ability to pet pugs :D

1.13: added a Lucky Block, has op good things and.. OP bad things... added recipe to invisible armor, tweaked some textures, added Pros: A hostile mob that sometimes spawns, kill to get their loot!, added Ghast Staff, added diamond orb, tweaked some other mobs, "Fixed" incorrect textures for errored armor

1.12: Moved files to google Drive due to a bug with Mega

1.11: removed Obsidian Ghast due to a game crashing bug

1.10: added Chaos Spider, Infinity ChestPlate, Invisible Iron Armor, BlackHole and Creeper staffs, one way glass, and no way glass

1.09: 1.15.2 is now equal to the latest 1.12.2 version

1.08: Dropped 1.12.2 and 1.14.2 support, further updates will be on 1.15.2

1.07 Updated links .zip yea I should probably keep that up to date but all there is are the links that are in the description

1.06 Mod Version 1.15.2 very likely will not be supported for more updates

1.05 added (almost?) full 1.15.2 mod support

1.04 added chaos ammo, added orbs items that do certain thigs when in inventory/hand to all versions

1.03 added 2 new dimensions, an item and 3 new blocks to all versions. added annoying poker to 1.14.4 version

1.02: removed the construction block due to a bug. added annoying poker to 1.12.2 version

1.01: reduced pizza craft amount from 20 to 8, added construction block

Official Release: Mod made public.

pre release 1: enable ERROR Dimension portals. I don't know why it was disabled LOL

All Updates until now: no I will not name every aspect of my mod. there is like 523 elements currently


So yeah the .jar file sizes where like 32MB each so it did cause some problems getting it up for download

could use a little bit of texture improvement, but yes, the block of screaming is great lol