Mob Reborn Mod

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Mod cancelled due to mcreator's death



-Plate Armor:

-Humans wear them

-Very strong

-Naturally spawns in human forts

-How to get this Armor:

--Hold iron chestplate or helmet in main hand

--Hold iron ingot in off hand

--Right click on human

--And done!








Dirt Slab:

-First minecraft slab crafted with 6 dirt!



Locked chest:

-Have chance to spawn when player join the world!

-It's locked, but there must be a key to open it....



-Crafted with plank, two pistons, two iron ingots and two iron nuggets!

-Damage mobs walking on it


Chair and table:

-New furniture blocks!

-They can be crafted with planks!


Small Peonia:

-New flower!



Nether Reactor Core:

-Arcane device crafted with 6 iron ingots and 3 diamonds

-Build a special building made with cobblestone and gold blocks to activate it! {Right click to active}

-Works only in the overworld

-Wach out of possible nether infasion!




Glowing Obsidian:

-New glowing block

-It's very hot! Damage mobs walking on it!

-Can be only get by pigman bartening









Crying Obsidian:

-Crafted with 4 lapis and 1 obsidian

-Cries, and don't like to be hit!

-You better don't destroy it, it can scream very loud

-Right click to set your spawnpoint!








Ruby Ore:

-Found in nether

-Drop ruby

-Affected by silk touch

-Immune to explosions





Ruby Block:

-Storage block

-Immune to explosions

-Crafted with 9 rubies

-Can by used for bartening with pigmans







Illusioner Mansion:

A new small mansion filled with illusions!



Cave:A small cave where killer bunny live




-Big stonebrick buildings

-Humans live in them

-There are actually 3 types of forts {Living Quarters, Forge and Treasure room}

-Some contain loot chests




Indev House:

-Only for old players!

-Spawns on every biome in the overworld

-It have two types!

-Now also spawn in the end and the nether

-Desert indev houses are maked with sandstone or red sandstone





Brick Pyramid:

-Spawns very rare on every biome

-It's mostly uselles



-Items: Key

-Can be used to open locked chest





-Melted ball

-Shoot real fire! Muahahhahaah! 






-Inferno Helmet

-Rare drop from hovering inferno

-Gives you fire resistance

-Hold space when on or in lava to get launched in air and save yourself!






-Rare gem found in nether!

-Can by used for bartening with pigmans






-Rana Friends:

-New rare old-school mobs!

-Types of mobs:Steve, Black Steve, Beast Boy, Rana

-They drop:


Black steve:Gunpowder

Beast boy:Flint


-Steve, Black steve and Beast boy are agresive

-Mob Spawning

Beast Boy:Great Hunger struck by lightning

Steve:Human struck by lightning

Black Steve:Green villager die in lava

Rana:Steve when given it a golden apple





-Spawn in nether

-Neutral mob

-They will change into zombie pigmans when not in nether

-Attack hovering infernos and wither skeletons

-Drops Rubies

-Also have shooting variant

-Scared of zombie pigmans

-Can barter with you:

--Rubies give common items

--Rubies Block give rare items



-The Great Hunger

-Spawn on night in ground

-It will eat players villagers and passive mobs that fells into its jaw {Black smoke}

-When hurt when underground it will pop-up and chase you!

-Drops leather and sometimes players head!

-Scared of creepers





-Hovering Inferno

-Spawn very rare in the nether

-Attack player, villagers, and golems with melted balls

-It drop melted balls and very rare Inferno Helmet

-Have a huge amount of health

-Hate water






-Acts like a normal player

-Attack zombies and illagers

-Neutral mob

-Don't want to talk with you :[

-Drops random inventory!

-Follow when diamond in hand

-Scared of creepers and Great Hungers

-Can open doors

-Spawn on most biomes in day

-Also spawn in forts





-Scared of Players and Humans

-Loves raw fishes

-Can be bread with raw fish

-Spawn in desert at day

-Drops raw fish




-Green Villager

-Hate's world

-Wander on plains in day

-Spawn rarely

-Can talk with you

-He have some serious problems, maybe you can help him?





-Alpha Creeper

-Acts like a old, alpha creeper!

-Attack you on touch

-Like on alpha, it only explodes when die!

-Drops gunpowder

-Likes the classic feel of plains





-Brown Spider

-Acts like tougher, more primitive spider cousin

-Wander on night on plains and forests

-Create webs, when player is nearby!

-Drops Webs







-Illager Beast

-New illager beast with old design!

-Attacks players, villagers, golems and humans

-Have huge amount of health!

-Drops raw beef and a saddle

-They patrol roofed forests, send from mansion










-New zombie type, with original texture from!

-Spawn on swamps, near rivers and oceans

-Spawn only on night

-Use a bucket on him to fill it with water!

-Fun fact, they sound diffrently on land

-They can extinguish any fire like blocks!

-Now zombies that die in water turn into drowned!

-They will disapear when in nether





Next Update coming soon!

Modification files
MobReborn0.011-Realse3{IndevUpdate1}.jarUploaded on: 05/08/2020 - 15:08   File size: 555.38 KB
MobReborn0.012-Realse4{IndevUpdate2}.jarUploaded on: 05/12/2020 - 10:17   File size: 635.25 KB
MobReborn0.013-Realse5{LostUpdate1}.jarUploaded on: 06/05/2020 - 17:37   File size: 743.26 KB

Tech Update:-CHANGELOG:Added drowned, changelog block, debug blocks and debug commands. Changed human hurt sound to orignal alpha sound.


Indev Update Part 1:Added Steve,Black steve and Beast boy. Added Indev house and nether reactor {WIP}. Pigman and drowned tweaks, Removed changelog block and inferno helmet recipe. Added one goal


Indev Update Part 2:Added Rana, function for nether reactor core and brick pyramid. Added 2 new goals. All structures are now less common. Added more indev house variants.



Lost Update Part 1: Added:Horse armor recipe, Locked chest, Locked chest key, Small Peonia Flower, Spikes,Dirt slab, chair and table. Changed:Green villager quest


Super mod! Zawsze chciałem zobaczyć zwykłe pigmany wiedząc, że istnieje już zombie pigman (dobra, w 1.16 to się zmieni, ale fajnie zobaczyć coś takiego w starszych wersjach) :)

translation ( I used google translate so its not going to be that good lol)
I have always wanted to see ordinary pigmen knowing that there is already a zombie pigman (okay, in 1.16 it will change, but it's nice to see something like this in older versions

Oh Cool! Seems like I'm not the only one to add The Great Hunger to the game :)

PS: That Ravager in the background does not look like one to mess with...